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Sep 23, 2008 06:01 AM

Sunday Lunch at Rincon Limeno

Five hounds met up for an early lunch at Rincon Limeno in East Boston Sunday, first time for me but I believe the others had been several times before for the....ceviche. Simple attractive newly decorated interior with walls and artwork in strong tropical colors. As usual we took a long time debating over the menu but finally ordered....ceviche mixto, seco de cabrito (lamb stew with beans) fried rice with chicken and peppers, deep fried yuca spears, and two additional dishes based on beef...c'mon, DCs, help me out. All this washed down with chicha morada, a refreshing sweet drink made from steeping purple corn, cinnamon and cloves.

Orders are served in long rectangular white china dishes, each with sides of boiled potato, rice, mashed sweet potato and liberal sprinkles of sliced sweet onion and cilantro. The food is well prepared, oddly homey and plain, with none of the heat and lime I expected, that is except for the ceviche, tender cuts of mixed seafood and sweet onion slices in a perfectly seasoned cool tangy lime juice broth.

As we happily ate and chattered, large steaming bowls of what we presumed were soup went by, and in fact seven hearty soups are listed on the menu, served with rice and salad, perhaps worth checking out next time.

The bill came to $16 each including tip, really good value for generous portions of such wholesome food, and the waitress, with a bemused smile, thanked us warmly for coming.

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  1. Nice report! That's one of my favorite places in town: such nice people, great food, good value.

    1. Wasn't one of the dishes Carapulcra Peruvian pork & chicken w/dry potato sauce that included pieces of pork belly? Favorite, always, was the cerviche drenched in lime juice w/the house hot tomato sauce. The fried rice w/chicken & scrambled eggs really surprised me, not something I would have thought to order. Probably the best fried rice I've ever had. It was steaming hot, full of wonderful flavor - a real comforting dish I will order in the future.

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        We love eating together - and I've just posted here: - some info on how you can do it, too!

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          Ooops, did I say Sunday? it was Saturday.