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Sep 23, 2008 05:59 AM

weekend breakfast

Hi All - I'm visiting Boston the first weekend of October for a wedding. My husband and I are excited to explore and eat our way through our four night stay!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your fantasy breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. The only rules to follow: we don't have access to a kitchen and it needs to be accessible by the T.

So let it fly! An extravagant champagne brunch? A whole in the wall spot for some delicious goodness you find you can't resist the urge to roll your hung-over ass out of bed to enjoy? Or a breakfast picnic in a park to laze under the fall colors with all your food and drink picked up at a local shop?

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  1. For "hole in the wall," I really like Charlie's Sandwich Shop..Columbus Ave in the South End and close to Back Bay Station.

    Urban diner that's been around for 80 years. I like the turkey hash.

    Closed Sunday

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      Awesome pancakes and omelets too!

      1. re: foodscience

        Third-ed! My favorite french toast in the city, and a quintessential Boston experience.

      2. re: 9lives

        Never understood why anyone likes this place or stands in line - they cook with cheap oil and the omlettes are done in the standard overcooked style. Granted, I don't eat hash so that may be its redeeming meal.

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          Can't speak to the quality of the oil but if you want your omelettes cooked a certain way, just tell them. Obviously everything is cooked to order and they always accomodate requests. I agree that I'm not a fan of standing in line --the best time to go to Charlie's is during the week. If you have to go on a Sat, go early. And I don't eat hash either --but there are lots of other things on the menu that are excellent...egg n cheese on an english muffin, french toast, just the standard eggs, toast, bacon & hash browns...

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            Good advice. If you go on Saturday, get there before they open at 7:30. The place is full with a line at 7:45. Congratulate Arthur (owner) on completing the Boston marathon. He had a heart attack 2 years ago.

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            Yeah, I'm almost positive, they cook with clarified butter, not oil.

        2. Dim Sum in Chinatown at Hei La Moon, Chau Chow, or China Pearl.

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            Will second Informaniac's three suggestions and also suggest Emperor's (aka Empire) Garden for dim sum.

          2. For a picnic, if you are in either the southend 1595 Washington or down by Four Point Channel 12 Farnsworth St

            FLOUR makes a great applesmoked bacon BLT and quiche and sometimes a nice egg sandwich on the weekends.

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              If you are down by the Public Garden, The Paramount on Charles Street has some good bfast items. We sometimes get 2 eggs overeasy with meat and toast and a fruit bowl to share.