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Sep 23, 2008 05:35 AM

Best Markets in Italy

We just returned from our vacation in France. A week in Dijon in an apartment and a week in a hotel in Paris. Our favorite part of our vacation was the week in Dijon. We loved shopping at the great historic covered market les Halles. We would buy what looked the best and take it back to the flat and try our luck at cooking and trying new foods. Our favorite find was the Epoisses cheese.

We're planning our next vacation and want to know where they have the best markets?
We would also like a village that has enough sights to visit by foot and car to keep us busy.


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  1. I suggest Sicily: My favorite markets are in Palermo, not exactly a village, but amazing for food shopping. Another option is Ortigya, the small island attached to Siracusa. There is a great market near the port, the nearby bakeries are fantastic, and you can easily drive to Noto, Modica, and Ragusa from there.

    Another option is to visit Matera in Basilicata. That city has a terrific food culture dedicated to preserving local traditions. There is mercato rionale in the new city and lots of cheese, bread and pasta shops (they are more than happy to let you watch them work, although bear in mind the bakers work from midnight til 5am). From there, you can easily reach, Bari, Metaponto, Policoro, Montescaglioso, la Valle d'Itria, the list goes on. I visited Matera with my dad earlier this year and here are some food related tales of our journey:

    1. alba, in oct/nov for the truffle market on saturdays , much to do in the Piemonte region food, wine