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Sep 23, 2008 03:43 AM

Burbank to Springdale, lunch stop?

we are leaving burbank airport at around 9am for Springdale. Utah. Where would you suggest we stop for lunch?
I can see half way is around las vegas but I would rather not navigate through there just for a meal. Is there somewhere perhaps before or after the city?

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  1. try the virgin river casino in mesquite, about 90 miles north of vegas on 15. coffee shop is ok,

    1. you might want to reconsider navigating though LV. You'll be on I-15 North - so get off on exit 41A - Charleston Blvd - and you will be less than four miles (about ten minutes) from Lotus of Siam. Well worth the detour.

      1. thanks donald, but I am returning to las vegas after visiting zion and lotus of siam is on my dinner list. I am looking more for a diner type place