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Sep 23, 2008 02:39 AM

Dessert After Luger's

I'll be having my first dinner at Peter Luger's early one. Was looking for some recs for a place to go to after for dessert - after the steak, etc has settled! Thanks!

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  1. In the city or in Brooklyn?

    1. Their deserts are huge. I remember the fam always getting strudel, but I usually just eat the giant plate of schlag (home made whip cream) that comes with everything.

      1. Here's my recommendation. Sit there and digest for a little then just eat dessert THERE!!!!!!!!! The Holy Cow Hot Fudge Sundae is amazing and my favorite dessert in the world. The pecan pie and cheesecake are awesome too. Never have tried the strudel but have heard its also truly terrific. They also offered a chocolate mouse cake and used to have the bavarian crepe cake from Lady M which is sadly not on the meny anymore. The schlag is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

        1. Not finishing your meal with Luger's schlag is akin to ordering your steak well done or requesting a waiter under seventy to serve you. It's the tradition and protocol thing.

          1. Trinity
            While I agree with my fellow posters that PL's desserts are really good, I also know that many people just cannot handle that much heavy food coupled with such rich desserts. For some people, it can actually ruin the 'afterglo' of the dinner. I would suggest either taking home a larger amt of your dinner and getting dessert there (I'm with steakrules RE: The hot fudge sundae) Or locating a good dessert place closer to your home and having a dessert that's not quite so heavy. You'll probably enjoy your dinner and dessert more if you don't stuff yourself to capacity. Pl is not located in a great area so I wouldn't rec wandering around looking for dessert

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              The hot fudge sundae is amazing. And the thing is I know before I order it that I am going to wind up sick to my stomach afterwards. But I just can't resist it man!!!!

              Just eat as much as you and stuff yourself to capacity.

              1. re: steakrules85

                Lol! Nooooo! Here I'm trying to help the OP avoid that beyond full feeling! On those rare occasions when I have been to Pl's (I'm a Keen's fan) I've always gotten the HFS, but after my first experience when I thought I'd literally explode, I have always eaten less dinner and thus enjoyed dessert more. Added bonus: Lots of leftovers and the memory of that outrageous dessert. :-}