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Sep 22, 2008 11:19 PM

recommendations for good coffee to buy


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  1. which area ? I'm assuming you are looking for good beans ?

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    1. re: superbossmom

      yes thank you i live in ndg ..but any type of recommendation i do appreciate i love dark roasts..

      1. re: buttie

        Café Veritas (480 St-Laurent, Old Montreal) sells 49th parallel coffee. They get shipments once a week, so it's always freshly roasted.

    2. Gimme coffee is available at Caffé ArtJava (on Mont-Royal) ~ real good. You may find more ideas on the Coffeegeek board though.

      1. The topic's titled Espresso Beans but the purveyors sell other types of blends too. Caffè in Gamba is the closest thing to a one-stop shop:

        Among the traditional roasters cum cafés, you might check out Toi, moi et café, Café Rico, Aux Deux Marie and Brûlerie St-Denis. Quality is less stellar but some of their beans -- especially the single origins -- can make a decent cup.

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        1. re: carswell

          Are there many places that do their own roasting in Montreal? I'm going to be moving there in about a month, and I've gotten used to exceptional roasting from a place called Transcend here in Edmonton. I can always get their beans shipped to Montreal, but I'd love to have somewhere good that I could rely on for non-espresso roasts.

          And does anywhere there use a Clover (and know how to use it?) I love coffee from a press, but the clover IS considerably faster for the same quality.

          1. re: RealityMonster

            Many places roast, few to the standards you've most likely come to expect from Transcend. There are no Clovers in Montreal, but if it's speed you're looking for just do the same thing it does- use a whole lot more coffee and brew for less time.

        2. why... Les 2 Maries, of course! (St-Denis, corner Marie-Anne)

          1. For good basic beans at a reasonable price, Café Crème, three locations including St-Hubert (they used to be around the corner on Jean Talon). their espresso blend of the same name never fails to make a good cup.

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              New Guatemalas and Kenyas should be coming from alot of roasters this month.