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Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

I've been having a hankering for nachos lately, but don't want to end up just going to my neighborhood bar and getting stuck with stale chips and cheese whiz.

I'm looking for fresh whole chips, chopped tomato, real cheese (cheddar or a combo of cheddar & jack) evely distributed throughout, real sour cream, chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, fresh guacamole, and a bonus would be some really great refried beans or black beans.

Sort of new to town, so any help is appreciated. I live in Charles Village, so the closer the better.

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  1. You can just hop on the JHU shuttle and come on down to Mount Vernon - the nachos at the Midtown Yacht Club are great.

    In fact, I'm getting them tonight.

    1. Nacho Mama's has outstanding Nachos. Really, nachos, boh and margaritas are the best things there.

      1. There is a small place on Fort Avenue (it's on the cusp of Fed Hill & Locust Point) called Lime. They make nachos where they individually dress each chip- not a big, messy, gooey experience but you need less when every bite has every flavor, no?

        I also like No Way Jose's nachos.

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            I second Holy Frijoles... just had them last Friday... fantastic

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              I had Holy Frijoles weekly when I lived in Baltimore. Yum!

            2. I think I've written this other places before, but I think Friends in Fells Point has the best nachos in the entire city. Crisp fresh chips. Lots of toppings (including real cheese - not sure of the types - and black beans). The chips run out before the toppings - which is a rarity. And somehow the chips don't get soggy. A huge pile that feeds many as an appetizer, or I sometimes make my meal out of them. So so good.

              Friends At Fells Point
              1634 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

              1. This might be a little off topic but my hands down favorite nachos in this town are the Irish Nachos from Lucy's (formally Maggie Moore's) they are thinly sliced potatos cover in traditional nacho flare with green onions and a dollup of creme frachie. They are so good that I've had dreams about them.

                I've been largely dissapointed by the traditional nacho's in B more- Nacho Mama's are good but you have to go to Nacho Mama's. Frioles chips are often burnt or stale. One World's can be good but again with the questionable chips. For an evening with beers I've been most pleased with Mount Vernon Stable's offerings. It's definently some processed cheesyness but flavors and mixin's are good.

                IMO hands down worst nacho's Dougherty's - they skimp on cheese and douse it all in oreagano- What is up with that??

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                  Are the potatoes fried or sauteed or what? Definitely sounds interesting...where if Lucy's located? I think I'll have to give those a try.

                  Thank you all for your great suggestions. I think I am going to swing by Midtown Yacht Club this weekend to check out their nachos...will report back!

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                    Pan fried would be my guess- but not greasy- They are a little crispy on the outside but soft and potatoey on the inside.
                    Lucy's is in an old bank across from the Hippodrome.
                    They have a good bar menu- I think it's better than the resturants
                    Do try!

                2. I had some pretty tasty nachos at Alanso's recently and it made me think back to this post. It's a big heaping order

                  1. birches in canton...hands down.

                    1. Gecko's in Canton! Just go try it :-)

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                        I second Gecko's, the Queso Fresco they use is delicious.

                      2. Closer to your neighborhood... you might want to try Loco Hombre. They offer several varieties of nachos with toppings- and plain chips with three kinds of salsa for dipping. They've got a fantastic selection of margaritas as well.
                        It's located on Cold Spring lane, adjacent to Alonso's.

                        1. Somehow, I never thought the words "great" and "nachos" were synonymous...

                          I like "nachos" precisely for the processed cheese.

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                            Agreed! Mmmm, processed cheese.

                            I did try, with much trepedation, the duck nachos at Monocacy Crossing in Frederick, and liked them very much. I heard Saute in Canton does a similar dish and am interested in giving it a try.

                          2. I've become a fan of the waffle fry nachos at Abbey in Federal Hill

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                              Seconded. Fresh ingredients (especially the jalapeno).

                            2. I think the Owl Bar's nachos are the best in town. Don't be afraid because the menu says "cheese sauce." It's homemade and amazingly flavorful.

                                1. Flecthers! they have a new chef and he has been playing around with some pulled pork nachos. Also available by request sans pork for the veg. The chips are so fresh! a great mix of cheeses and spice.

                                  FYI new owners and a new menu, not a place I would have EVER thought about for food in the past but now surprisingly fabulous fresh thoughtful bar food

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                                    Are they still gonna show the Bills game every Sunday?

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                                      Fletcher's really is pretty good, for a place that you wouldn't think would put effort into the menu.

                                    2. sounds like you're seeking the traditional nacho route, but may i make a non-traditional suggestion after you get your fix? try out the duck nachos at saute in canton. duck, jalapenos, tangy cheese. who woulda thought...but they are soooo good!

                                      1. Have always wanted to try the nacho appetizer at Annabel Lee Tavern in Highlandtown (or upper Canton, whatever..) BBQ Chicken nachos with Applewood smoked bacon- YUM! They wafted by me last time I was there and had regretted not trying them. PS- everything is scrumptious there so I am endorsing them without having tried them. They also have the traditional nacho option if one must be traditional...

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                                          they are pretty good there. 8/10 with points deducted for the under layer of nachos not having enough toppings. big portion. hearty enough to be an entree if you're not STARVING that day

                                        2. I'm really surprised people mention Nacho Mama's- Last time I was there (albeit a while back) I WATCHED them open up plastic bags of chips and pour them into baskets.

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                                            While not encouraging, I wonder if that was a one-off kind of thing. My (very brief) experience working in a (very bad) restaurant, there were a few emergencies when we ran out of something and had to run to the grocery store to buy stuff. Maybe you witnessed a similar scene. I've had good nachos at Nacho Mama's before.

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                                              I believe Carolina's Tex-Mex on Broadway was voted best Nachos by Citypaper a year or so ago. Never had them myself, but saw someone with them the one time I've been there. Each chip was individually topped, an interesting (perhaps more traditional) take on nachos. They have a sign out front confirming the award for what its worth.

                                              Ahh, found it, heres the link: http://www.citypaper.com/bob/story.as...

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                                                I've had them. They're damned good. I also like the ones at Blue Agave in Federal Hill.