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Sep 22, 2008 08:39 PM

Vinturi Wine Aerator

I was at a dinner Saturday where the hostess whipped out this gadget. Google Vinturi for a description. We were drinking a high alcohol rhone ranger. Immediate effect was the alcohol was cranked up and masked every flavor, but after a few minutes of sitting, the wine was much more balanced. It was much softer and all around more flavorful than the wine poured directly into the glass that sat for the same time. Maybe a bit of the "mollydooker shake" affect at work. It would be interesting to try this on a bordeaux or any lower alcohol wine for that matter and see how much it improved the taste.

FWIW, The sound it makes when pouring is similar to the mouth vacuum at the dentist office...delightful ; )

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  1. There are other rapid aerators on the market that work just as well, but I've found that people prefer the Vinturi because of the sound... It is freaking expensive though...

    1. There are a couple of threads already available on the product in case you are curious what other people had to say:

      I was gifted one and find it to work splendidly with many young wines. Increases flavors and mouthfeel of the wine. There have been others, however which I felt may have been somewhat reduced by the use of the gadget. Bottom line, however, I use it and use it often, but will usually taste test.