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Sep 22, 2008 08:13 PM

Astoria or Jackson Hts Recommendations?

We're going out with extended family for an early dinner on Sunday. We're looking for a good place to go that's different from our usual: Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Filipino food. We are fairly adventurous eaters. Any suggestions for casual places, where we can sit, relax and enjoy a family dinner would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Do you mean that East/SE Asian food is the usual, and you want something different, or that you want something East/SE Asian, instead of the usual? I can't quite figure out from what you wrote...

    1. Assuming your post meant you want something other than Asian, you could try Novo. Nuevo Mexican, large portions, comfortable. 37th Ave at 78th(?) I think...........

      1. Sorry that was a little ambiguous. I meant that our usual is E/SE Asian - My cousin is coming from Singapore and our family is Filipino.

        1. You could check out one of the Brasilian places in Astoria. Malagueta, Favela or Sabor Tropical, in order of good-ness, but all 3 are wonderful.

          1. I'm on a Peruvian chicken kick this month, so I say Pio Pio. Not all that adventurous, sure, but amazing food, nice atmosphere (if a bit frenetic), good for a group, relaxed (especially after a glass of sangria!).

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              I agree with this suggestion 100%.

              This is my no-fail spot to bring out-of-towners.