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Sep 22, 2008 07:38 PM

¿Püquito Cafe and Deli Autentica Comida Yucateca?

Strolling down Geary I spotted this place that I must have passed on the bus 100 times in its 2-1/2 year existence without noticing, despite its brightly colored exterior. I searched the boards (with and without the umlaut) to no avail, and Yelp only records a couple of brief, inconsequential encounters, so here it is:

Püquito Cafe and Deli promises all the stuff on the two signs in the pictures, plus Mexican and American breakfasts, free Wi-Fi and a selection of coffees, according to the owner(?) who came out to talk to me briefly when he saw me snapping pictures. I'll have to swing back by there at lunch time. Has anyone sampled its wares?

Püquito Cafe and Deli
842 Geary (Betw. Hyde and Larkin)

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  1. This place is now on my list for our November trip, if only to see that excellently pan-cultural sandwich board in person :-). Love Yucatecan food and can't get it in Vancouver... Poc Chuc was a highlight of our last visit. Thanks!

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    1. re: grayelf

      Can't believe that no one has reported in on this place yet. You might be the first.

      I also wanted to point out that Poc Chuc is more towards "alta cocina" whereas most of the other Yucatan places around here are homestyle. Haven't been to Puquito myself yet, but wanted to prepare you in case there are considerable differences.

      842 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks Melanie -- we did find the decor at Poc Chuc to be quite modern but the food and service I would have characterized as home style which in my book is a-ok. I lost track of Puquito in my now truly ridiculously long 43-page document on places I want to try in the Bay Area, so thanks for bumping this thread and reminding me. Now how to fit it in...

        ETA: Does anyone know if it is open in the evenings?

    2. I passed by last weekend to find it closed, and no signs offering relleno negro. I'm in the cafe right now using the wi-fi. Most of what I wanted to try was already sold out: tostada de tinga de pollo, tamal oaxaqueño, cochinita pibil, aguas frescas, liquados, jugos, and more. Pickings were pretty slim. I was able to order a mexican rajas tamal, panucho ($2), and flan. The tamal was microwaved so got tough and hard on one end, but it was fresh tasting, and spicier than expected with more jalapeño slices than the typical ration, plus fresh tomato pieces and cheese.

      The panucho was quite good, made with well-seasoned shredded chicken although the masa was a little bit tough on one side, but again, fresh tasting.

      I wouldn't recommend the flan which tastes like it has something adulterating the eggs.

      Puquito offers free delivery with a $10 minimum.