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Sep 22, 2008 07:03 PM

Chile Relleno in Portland

I know that Portland's a million miles from mexico... but I am in search of the best chile relleno I can find. I have been incredibly disappointed so far. It doesn't matter if it's not 100% authentic, as long as it's delicious. It has to be a cheese one because I don't eat meat. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Also, a place with good and fresh chips and salsa is a plus.

Thank you!

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  1. Esparanza on 28th and burnside amazing food and really cool employees

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    1. re: Djobvious

      More specifically, it's Esparza's at Ankeny (just off E Burnside) and SE 28th.

      Esparza's has gone steadily downhill for the past ten years (although I haven't been there in a year, so maybe it's gone back up). However, that said, the Relleno was still great the last time I tried it.

      Also, I enjoy a great relleno burrito at the taco cart right next to the Indian cart on 4th Ave and College, near the PSU campus. At $4.50 it's a nice bargain.

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        I second that. Nuestra Cocina's are delicious!

        1. re: sophiamaria

          When I looked at nuestra cocina's menu online, it said that it has pork, yes?

          1. re: Burrito Lady

            Yes, they do have pork in their relleno. It's not a traditional relleno but just very good.

            1. re: sophiamaria

              The use of a sweet pork filling, picadillo, just as traditional as cheese.

              1. re: sophiamaria

                I'm sorry. Just re-read your post and didn't notice that you don't eat meat. Other than the Rellenos at Nuestra, I have yet to find a good cheese relleno in Portland. I do however like the relleno stuffed burrito at Cha, Cha, Cha but I don't know if there is any other meat used in the burrito. The relleno is pretty good, though and maybe you could talk them into just making the relleno for you. Other than that, you may have to order green chiles (there is a seattle post currently on the board on the subject) and make your own which would probably be better than anything else you could find in town.

        2. What's your preference? Poblano or Anaheim? Thin batter or puffy soufflé? Sauce? Can you tolerate an occasional hot Poblano?

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          1. re: paulj

            I can tolerate hot, yes... the spicier the better. I hate it when they just put enchilada sauce on a relleno, especially when it has that sweet taste- yuck. Thick or thin batter is fine... not too picky there.

            1. re: Burrito Lady

              I here what you are saying. I keep getting these rolled up eggs with diced chilles in the middle . And they try to tell me it is a chilly Relleno