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Sep 22, 2008 06:05 PM

Help me narrow down this Portland list

I'll be visiting Portland next week with my girlfriend and would like to take her out for her birthday. After doing some research on the boards, I've narrowed the list down to the restaurants listed below. We will be spending two nights in Portland, one of which will be the birthday dinner. Price is not an issue. We would like a quieter atmosphere. Also, ideally I'd choose a restaurant with sufficient portions that deserves the price tag. Location is not a big issue, but it would be nice to go somewhere located in a nice area to walk around afterwards.

Sel Gris
Paley's Place
Toro Bravo
Le Pigeon

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  1. I'd probably go for Sel Gris or Ten01--probably Ten01. I've been pretty underwhelmed at Paley's, and ditto for Wildwood (plus the tables are pretty close together). Toro Bravo and Le P are both fabulous, but not too quiet. Sel Gris again has tables that are pretty close together, but I've been very happy with the food and service there and at Ten01.

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      Agree with most of the above. Exception being that I highly endorse Paley's for special occasion dining. It will give you quiet, plus pleasant walking afterwards.

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        I would go for Carlyle. The new exec chef Jake is doing some amazing things....

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    2. Ten1 or Paleys for quiet and a nice walk after(kind of both ends of the same hood)

      Ten1 for the food, so by my score thats 3 points Ten1, 2 points Paley's

      1. Ten-01 would be my pick. If you prefer uber-privacy, you might even ask for a table upstairs, though I don't know what their seating policy is like up there. The massive windows allow you to overlook NW 10th St or Couch, depending on which part of the patio you're on.

        While I think the food is a notch below Ten-01, Paley's definitely fits the bill for quiet elegance. I tend to prefer Ten-01 just because it's a bit more contemporary, while Paley's is a bit more, let's say, understated.

        1. Consider Ten-01 or Carlyle, Ten-01 fits the walking bill. Perhaps both? Toro Bravo would be a nice time.

          1. Hey everyone -- I'm the aforementioned birthday girl and I just want to say thanks for all your help! We went to Ten 01 and LOVED it. We ordered the charcuterie plate and heirloom tomato salad for appetizers, the pork belly (his) and lamb chops (mine) for entrees, and, at one of our server's suggestion, the peach fritters and salted carmel ice cream for dessert. I paired my meal with a glass of their Oregon red wine and loved it. Everything was wonderful, especially the dessert. I'd definitely recommend it.

            Thanks again! :) If anyone ever finds themselves traveling to DC, we'd be happy to offer up some restaurant recs.

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              Glad you had a great time, and happy birthday.