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Sep 22, 2008 06:02 PM

Have you been to The Palm in Las Vegas?

I have heard varied reviews and some of them depended on the city in which the person dined. For example, The Palm in NYC has been reviewed well but the one in Philly has had some negative reports, not posted here. I have read in a post that the service at NYC is very good and am wondering if that would be the case in LV. Seems many of the LV steakhouses have "hit or miss" service ( and often food quality as well). Has anyone been to the Palm in Las Vegas recently and how does is compare to, say, the NYC one?

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  1. You need to post this on the Southwest board.

    1. I've been to The Palm in NY, Florida and LV. The steaks in all three seemed the same as well as the sides. I think they did a fine job in LV. Enjoyed it very much.

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