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Sep 22, 2008 05:59 PM

The Ewing NJ Diner Has Reopened, Review and AMAZING SPAGHETTI SAUCE LIKE TONY'S in AC!!!

We live near the Ewing Diner, which is on Parkway Ave in Ewing, NJ, and check a map program for more info than that. I would exit 95 at exit 2, head S (which is a right) on Bear Tavern 579, go past the Trenton Airport, make a L at the light, follow the road around as it bears right, continue straight thru the light, which is Scotch Road (do not be confused by the fact that Scotch Rd is also exit 3 off 95), go straight, and it's on your right within a half mile or so and past another light.

OK. It reopened recently to huge crowds, after being torn down and rebuilt from scratch. It's very very nice. The food is good, portions are large etc etc etc.

BUT THE CRAZY THING IS THEIR SPAGHETTI SAUCE IS JUST LIKE TONY'S BALTIMORE GRILL in AC. If you have ever been to Tony's (Iowa & Atlantic; only FTs call the place "the Baltimore Grill; I'm just including it for clarity) and had their plain red sauce (or with meatballs or sausage, but it's not the red clam sauce) you will know how there is nothing like it. (Well, only if you love it as I do, and have been eating it since a bowl cost $2.00. It's up to about 7.00 now.) Anyway, I used to go to the Ewing Diner 6 years ago, but apparently I never had their red sauce. Tonight I had chicken parm with a side (you should excuse the expression) of spaghetti, and it was Tony's sauce. I asked the owner and he said there was no relation; he got interested and said he'd go try it. Said this was his own recipe.

Well, now, if they would only get Tony's original thin long loaves of scrumptious Italian bread, from the old days, I would be able to save a 100 mile drive (one-way).

So this was a good find.

Other things: there were some amazing looking pies and cakes in the case, people were friendly, and, oh, did I mention that their sauce is JUST LIKE TONY'S???

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  1. I don't suppose you saw the breakfast menu at all. do the Have good old SOS? I miss having it at breakfast if I go out. Went to the American Diner on 130 a while back and while the menu must be 24 pages long no SOS.

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    1. re: Will5352

      Actually, the first several pages of the regular menu are breakfast, which is served all day. They also have a breakfast menu, but I believe it simply omits the dinner pages. But I do not know what SOS means - you can't possibly mean same old s---, right?
      Wow, I never realized there would be jargon here. :)

      1. re: lomlfoml

        Tony's is awesome, IMO the best pizza in AC

        I think Will is referring to s--- on a shingle. An old army dish, that's a guess though.

        1. re: AC Captain

          Your guess is right on but not just an Army dish. We ate it the Air Force daily as well in boot camp. Yes good old SOS loaded with cream and tons of fat would keep you going for the day.

          1. re: JerzeyShore

            Well, if I'm going to call them up, what should I call it on the phone? Is this creamed chipped beef on toast?

            By the way, in many many years/decades, I have never had Tony's pizza, and in my youth, it was never ever ordered because it wasn't thought to be very good. You could tell an FT because you'd hear them on the Boardwalk saying, "Ok, now, Ma, let's go over to the Baltimore Grill and have some pizza." (Just half kidding about that, sortof, but seriously, I have never tasted it. )

            1. re: lomlfoml

              Yes - creamed chipped beef on toast would be the right name to ask for.

              1. re: JerzeyShore

                1099 Parkway Ave
                Ewing, NJ 08628
                (609) 882-5519
                AND THEY SAID YES THEY HAVE IT AT BREAKFAST TIME, and it's really creamy and fatty.
                GOOD LUCK!!!