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Sep 22, 2008 05:56 PM

Ganges in Princeton Junction?

I noticed an Indian restaurant in Princeton Junction, across from the train station, called Ganges. Has anyone ever been there?

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  1. We were there several times, but a couple years ago. They had a great deal of Indo-Chinese food, and we ended up not going back again, mainly because it just seemed mediocre. And now that Urban Tadkaa is open in the McCaffrey's shopping center near Carlucci's, that's the only place to go, we feel. (That's Hightstown, the same road McGraw-Hill is on, but west.) It may be spelled Urban Taadka but I don't think so. Try their Chicken 65 and also Lemon/Pepper chicken appetizers; all the regular food is a step above other local places, I feel. Maybe 2 or 3 steps.