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Sep 22, 2008 05:54 PM

wife 40 Th birthday

Hey everyone, looking for suggestions for 40 th birthday party for my wife.looking at hosting 50 + people for cocktails and appetizerscrowd is a mixed one in age.



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    1. i had my engagement party at beer bistro on king - right on the subway line, with a lovely patio - it's a great space. we had 50 for cocktails and it was full, but great. they did a bunch of yummy yummy apps like mini burgeers, pizzas, meat skewers, pigs in blankets, etc. we had food leftover so it was pricey but they didn't charge to book the room, which a lot of other places too. their website is pretty good for an idea of prices.

      1. It would be good to know what part of town (or even what city - this is an Ontario board after all) and your budget - but here are a few options -

        Beer Bistro, as stated previously - can do a cocktail reception for 50

        Sopra - cocktail reception up to 50

        Auberge du Pommier -



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            We live in the bloor and royal york area but that does not limit us to travelling around T.O. As for budget looking around 2-3 G

          2. As you're looking to spend 2-3 Gs, I'd consider Bistro 990 as an option.
            Good luck!

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