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Sep 22, 2008 05:49 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in New Hope

Can anyone recommend a fun place for a rehearsal dinner for about 40 people in the New Hope area. Any cuisine...not stuffy or formal..

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  1. That's a big crowd but I would recommend places like The Inn at Phillip's Mill (though this is somewhat formal it is beautiful and not stuffy) and Marsha Brown's (in a beautiful old church but again, not stuffy). Across the river in Lambertville I would recommend Hamilton's Grill Room, Lamertville Station, and perhaps the whole of Manon (you'd need the entire restaurant and then 40 might be a squeeze). Hope these help.

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        Just looked at the menu for Inn at Phillip's Mill and this is way too formal...Marsha Brown's looks like fun but there are some very negative reviews on TripAdvisor

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          Have have gone to Marsha Brown 3 times. The first time was okay, but the 2 times were terrible. Poor service and over cooked steaks. That is pretty bad for a steak house!

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            I am not at all impressed with Marsha Brown's. Very expensive and while some of the entrees are excellent, others are just plain terrible. I do think the Swan is quite good. It might be a little formal for what you are looking for, though.

      2. We held annual (private) parties at the Swan in lambertville for many years if you'd consider crossing the river. Haven't been in a few years

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          Martine's in New Hope would be lovely, depending on the time of year, as they have outdoor seating overlooking the river. It's a small restaurant, 40 might take up the whole place, but it's not that formal and it's in a beautiful old building. Did you check out Hamilton's Grill Room?

        2. I would recommend the Stockton Inn, In Stockton NJ. They always have big parties, usually there is music on the weekend.

          1. we were married at the washington crossing inn about 6 years ago and had our rehearsal dinner at la stalla in newtown. Food is served for 2 so we ordered as such and served everything family style (they had wanted to do a menu per head but i said no i wanted to order off the menu and i think i liked it better that way). ithink we had 30 or so people

            here's the link

            1. I'm surprised no one has suggested Triumph Brewery for a fun, casual rehearsal dinner. I don't live in the area any longer, but I always had a great meal there, and, of course, great beer.

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                I also remembered Porterhouse in Lahaska - great view from the second floor, which I believe is the space they use for special events.