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Sep 22, 2008 05:47 PM

Best Pizza on Arthur Ave or elsewhere in the Bronx?

Does anyone in the Bronx currently make pizza worth being considered among the best in the city? Whose your favorite on Arthur Ave or anywhere else in the Bronx?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The best pizza on Arthur Ave is unquestionably Zero Otto Nove. They don't serve slices, instead opting for the authentic "napolitano" style of serving an entire pie (which is definitely able to handled by an individual). My wife and I have an Italian food blog and we just visited the place and shot a bunch of video which you can check out below.
      Jonny Mangia

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      1. re: SundaySauce

        My problem with Zero Otto Nove is that the ingredients are better than the pizza. Great sausage and cheese unispired, improperly cooked crust and sauce. IMHO not up to the hype.

        Zero Otto Nove
        2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

        1. re: johnindabronx

          It's not hype. Zero Otto Nove was the best in NYC.

          However, when I visited about 6 weeks ago, the pizza wasn't nearly as good as it used to be. (I also noticed that there was a different pizzaiolo at work, so that may explain some things. Not sure if it was just the day I went or if staff have changed more generally.)

          Zero Otto Nove
          2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

      2. Insiders know that Mario's on Arthur Ave. has a very good pizza though it is not touted on the just have to ask for it. And Antonio Trattoria on Belmont Ave. does a fine job with pizza too...

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        1. re: gutreactions

          Antonio's is barely good at all. It is leagues under Marios and 089.

          1. re: gutreactions

            How much is the pie at Mario's? I'm hankering for a meal out on Monday before I head back for Thanksgiving on Tuesday afternoon.

          2. Zero otto nove has wonderful pizza, but I suggest you go to Mario's on Arthur Ave and ask for the pizza. I think they'll serve a full pie for lunch even though it's not on the menu and they have it listed as an appetizer for dinner. It's probably my third favorite pizza behind DiFara's and Johnny's in Mt. Vernon.
            If you do go to Zero Otto Nove get the sausage and potato pizza - it's delicious!

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            1. re: tnhayes0405

              I've had Zero Otto Nove's (and Louis & Ernie's); but are you saying that Mario's pizzas are even BETTER than Zero Otto Nove's, or that Mario's is just another good choice among several?

              1. re: racer x

                I like Mario's a lot. I think it's a personal preference. The pizza at Mario's is a really thin crispy crust which I just find to like better. I love zero otto nove, but they are different pizzas.
                Louie and Ernie's is also a fav, but not as high up for me as the other two pizzas.
                If you like thin crust pizza you should try Johnny's in Mt. Vernon.

                1. re: tnhayes0405

                  Also, have to second the thoughts on Coals. Again a totally different pizza, but I've never been dissapointed. The Heaven Scent is perfection. They also have one with pepperoni sometimes as their menu changes and it's delicious too.

                2. re: racer x

                  For the Bronx, you really don't have many choices unfortunately. The only two places that I've found are "best of city" worthy are Mario's and Coals (haven't tried 089). I second what others are saying about those two.

                  In my opinion, Johnny's in Mount Vernon blows both of them out though, and its right over the border of the Bronx. Unless you are looking for a style similiar to 089.

              2. After living in the Bronx for the past five years and exclusively on Arthur for the last two I think I know the right pies. The Bronx isn't mecca for pizza purists but if you know where to look you'll get a great slice. For cheap (relatively) slices that are delicious check out Full Moon Pizza on the corner of 187th and Arthur. I would reccommend the Eggplant sicilian slice (amazing!).

                Also, if you want astandard slices try University Pizza (Buffalo Chicken Slice), on Fordham Road, and Tony and Tina's, on 189th and Arthur.

                But if you were to come to the area and get one thing I would say try the burek at Tony and Tina's. It's flaky dough either with cheese, meat, or spiach inside. They are OUTSTANDING! Beats a slice if your hungry! I hope this helps!

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                1. re: Rammer12185

                  Second Full Moon, it's fantastic..and get a whole pie, best cornmeal crust ever...and the best long stemmed artichoke slice I've ever had in my life.

                  Love this place.