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Sep 22, 2008 05:26 PM

best vegan/veggie restaurants by the rockafeller center

thats where i work, and that's what I'm looking for... thanks a lot in advance, i really appreciate it :)

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  1. it can be deli, take out etc... actually since i work there every day, definitely not expensive. thanks again

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      you can do well with indian -- indus express on 48th is excellent, sukhadia on 45th as well (both between 5th and 6th)... hing won on 48th has some good noodle dishes, bread and olive on 45th for the basic middle eastern. none are 100 percent veggie, but all have numerous options.

    2. i agree with david: indus express is fantastic and fthe chaat are especially good. bhel poori, samosa chaat and aloo tikki chaat are all vegan. papri chaat is non-vegan vegetarian. dosas are decent.

      you can get passable vegetarian bibimbap at cafe duke.

      kyotofu also has some excellent, relatively inexpensive vegan set menus.

      1. If you have time to walk further west, Meskerem (Ethiopian) has a few veg options, and they have lunch specials:

        The Pump has stuff like veggie burgers and soy cheese:

        Blockheads has grilled tofu burritos, tofu sour cream, etc:

        You're also kind of near Zen Palate and Better Burger, and if you go east, you can find Bunchberries, Zen Burger, and Organic Harvest (which is now called Uncle Marky's, apparently).

        If you use, you can probably get most of these places to deliver!

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