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Sep 22, 2008 05:26 PM

Dahlia Lounge/Pink Door/Assiaggio/Wild Ginger!

Going to Seattle this weekend; being taken out to the Dahlia Lounge. Any reqs as to what's good? I know the menu changes daily. Pink Door, Assiaggio and Wild Ginger are my choices for my other meals; how are these places? Again, any reqs? Thanks!

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  1. not a huge fan of Assagio, maybe substitute Barolo for Italian. If you do Wild Ginger for lunch instead of dinner, that might open up a spot for dinner at some place like Crush or Harvest Vine. Or skip Wild Ginger entirely and get a cheap (but good) 1/2 ribeye at Steelhead Diner.

    1. Paula, You will really enjoy the Dahlia Lounge. Order any seafood dish and don't miss the donuts in a bag for dessert. The Pink Door is not about the food as much as it is about the experience. If you have ever wanted to be a character in a Toulouse Lautrec painting, this is the place for you. If, however, you are a fan of Thomas Kinkaide, you'll want to dine elsewhere. I second the vote on Harvest Vine. If you're a true Chowhound, order some of the more edgy dishes; you won't be disappointed. Wild Ginger gets panned a lot by local Chowhounds sometimes unfairly. I think you'd be better served--less commercially--in Seattle's International District. The Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan restaurant will provide you a memorable visit to Seattle.

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        Just wanted to chime in that I actually had a very nice meal at Pink Door. There menu was a bit mixed, with some stuff on it that looked like it was aimed at kids (meatball stuffed crusty bread, frex, which sounds better than it looked), but all of the items that we had at our table ranged from good to excellent.

      2. Went to the Dahlia with my boyfriend and a friend visiting from florida. ANY seafood is amazing! I had halibut and it was out of this world, my friend ordered scallops and said they were the best she had ever had. The donuts in a bag are a must.

        1. I'd skip Assaggio and Wild Ginger. I really like Pink Door, mostly because they have the best bolognese I've eaten in Seattle (thus far). Be sure to get a reservation. Le Pichet is a good lunch spot. Not sure if you want to stay in the downtown area or not...

          1. I've never eaten at Dahlia, but they have a reputation for being a demanding customer to seafood suppliers (I'm a fisherman) so I pay attention to that. Ditto Pink Door.
            Wild Ginger I have eaten at, and wouldn't readily return- industrial fine dining, and the seafood did not strike me as very well selected.