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Sep 22, 2008 05:15 PM

Asian Market in Concord area?

I've been looking for an Asian Market in the Concord/ Pleasant Hill area and haven't had any luck. Can anyone tell me where to find one? Thanks.

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  1. It's not gonna help you now, but I know Ranch 99 is supposed to be opening a new store there in Concord.

    1. Isn't there an Asian market in Pleasant Hill on Contra Costa Blvd? Have never been myself, but I thought I read it was somewhere between Concord Ave. and Pacheco Blvd -- I could be wrong.

      Also tanspace is correct -- a Ranch 99 will be opening on Willow Pass nr Frys area

      1. country square market ,pleasant hill.................

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          Country Square Market
          510 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA

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            It used to be our go-to place before R99 showed up. It beat having to go into Oakland. It's a surprisingly large place. Not compared to R99, but compared to other local Asian markets.

            There's a nice little Japanese market in W.C. on N. Main north of 680 on the east side of the street.

            And Monument has some Korean markets, south side of the street.

            There's an Asian market in Park n Shop. Combine a trip there with lunch at the little middle eastern place near it. Or the Vietnamese place over by Fry's.

        2. There is a Ranch 99 in Dublin. Also another Chinese market nearby.

          99 Ranch Market
          7333 Regional St, Dublin, CA

          1. 99 Ranch (or rather Ranch 99 to most of us), will be opening a new market in Concord where the old Office Max stood.

            1795 Willow Pass Rd
            Concord, CA 94520-2650

            Quickly is already following suit as well and will open soon after the market opens.

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              That's great news! any idea when it will open? Thanks, jchou.

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                That's awesome! Thanks for the news! I had no idea that they were changing that Office Max into a Ranch 99. Quickly just opened up in Pleasant Hill, too. Pretty much down the street from Diablo Valley College and close to the Sun Valley Mall. Good to see that they'll be right next to the new Ranch.

                I live in Martinez, and I do most of my grocery shopping at Seafood City in Vallejo (I'm not a big fan of County Square Market in P. Hill). It'll be nice not to have to cross a bridge to get my groceries.