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Sep 22, 2008 04:48 PM

Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse

I heading to this lower east side establishment with around 15 of my old college buddies who really love to drink and hear this is an real experience. From what ive been able to read about the place, they serve bottles of vodka that are frozen in a block of ice? And there are syrup bottles of chicken fat on every table. Also here the chopped liver is to die for, mixed tabled side . If anyone has eaten there, any suggestions as I am a big steak guy and have read that they only serve there meats well done which makes me rather sick to my stomach and just wondering how wild this place actually get. We like to go to La Mela once in awhile because we can act like we used to in college,so we are hoping this place can top the great time we have there, thanks for the help

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    Check out this thread, Bob Martinez's reply is to be noted.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      ugh thanks for the help, im very disappointed but we still should have some fun, i think we kinda expected the food to be just so so but i didnt realize it would be as pricey as the legit steak houses

      1. re: beer4brkfest

        In my experience, with the vodka, it was $150 per head not $120.

        1. re: KTinNYC

          On my never to be forgotten visit it was $120 in 1990. I'm surprised that they haven't jacked the price up higher after so many years. This place is awful, just awful.

    2. the room is dirty, the comedian unfunny, the meat is awful and they overcharge you and jack the prices with sides and vodka... have fun

      1. I would stick with La Mela, I food is good, the prices are resonable, and now they have a liquor license.

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          1. Not that it would make a HUGE difference in your Sammy's experience, but I was just wondering about the ethnic background of your group and the median age. Seems to me that folks "of a certain age" and of Ashkenazi descent will get more of a kick out of it than 30-something (or even 40-something) descendents of the founding fathers. I'm just saying...

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            1. re: Deenso

              We are all in our mid 20's and of Roman Catholic descent, its one of the guys birthdays so we are more going because we have kept hearing of the wild times that go down in there but the more I read the more i want to cancel the reservation, but some of the guys have their hearts set on it

              1. re: beer4brkfest

                For the love of all that is good and decent, get them to switch venues. Look at it this way - you can take that $150 a person and eat virtually anywhere in the city. Sammy's isn't some funky ethnic bargain joint - it's the Venus Flytrap of restaurants, luring in the unwary with promises of kitschy fun and then stinging them with a punishing bill.

                If you're going to spend that kind of money take them to Churrascaria Plataforma. The atmosphere is perfect for a group and the food is infinitely better. If you're going to stage a meat bucket, that's the place to do it. They've got 2 locations, one in midtown and one in Tribeca.


                1. re: beer4brkfest

                  Please, cancel your reservation. You and your friends will be SOOO incredibly disappointed. There are no wild times, honest. What you will find will be the kind of Saturday night dinner you'd have at Kutscher's Catskill resort in 1950, including the Yiddish jokester and the folk songs. Okay, big deal, you can get great chopped liver there, and an egg cream afterwards. Honestly, it ain't worth it!! (And this is the food I grew up on. Trust me.)

                  1. re: Deenso

                    We did the brazilian steakhouse thing last month and really enjoyed it but can only do that so often, Churrascaria Plataforma looks great as we went to Porcao on Park which was good but no drinks included. This is so sad to hear as in these guys have been planning on going to sammy's for awhile and wont budge. Im sure come saturday morning you guys can say i told you so

                    1. re: beer4brkfest

                      Oy. Perhaps you could bring a Jewish friend...? When I took my husband to Sammy's, maybe 35 years ago, the experience was completely foreign to him (grated radish, raw onions, crisp onions and chicken skin *and* liquified schmaltz mixed into chopped chicken liver!? and don't be shy with the S&P), but at least my cousin and I were there to help ease him through it. And, even then, he was convinced we had subjected him to some kind of secret rite of conversion.

                      Just be sure to print out this entire thread and bring copies of it with you for your friends. That way the guys will have something to do while the guy standing at the synthesizer is singing Hebrew folk songs and telling jokes with Yiddish punch lines.

                    2. re: Deenso

                      and that egg cream, even though they put a nice show of it going table-side and what not, was really really really not good.

                      1. re: bigjeff

                        Jeff.....First time disappointed by your post, You gotta make your own egg cream.

                        First milk, then seltzer, let it form a thick foam head. Then pierce it with a steady stream of syrup. Put your spoon in the dot left by the syrup and stir with out disturbing the head. Drink in long droughts through the foam, never through a straw. Perfect ending for a fat fest at Sammy's

                        1. re: phantomdoc

                          heh, if I had those tips then maybe I would have enjoyed it! we got a nice tableside show with all sorts of swizzle and high pouring but our guy wasn't following your routine; gotta make my own next time!

                    3. re: beer4brkfest

                      Agree with the previous poster... get out. I am the demographic it is meant to serve, and I hate it. A bunch of RC guys wouldn't even find it funny from a historical perspective. Churascaria ia a great alternative, imagine the damage that could be done at Wildwood for that money, or Hill Country. Mangia e Bevi in Midtown has music and dancing and drinking but might appeal more... and it is famous for hosting bachelorette parties... something a large group of guys might find amusing to watch

                      1. re: msny98

                        Wise advice msny98. Hill Country is a fine choice. A friend of mine suggested Virgil's which would also be a lot of fun.


                        1. re: Bob Martinez

                          how about the whole pig at daisy may's? they have a beer license now.

                          1. re: steve h.

                            that whole pig and pig butt are something i will def be trying as i love bbq, how would you come those places to dinosaur bbq, as i usually go there bc im from upstate ny and feel a strong loyalty for the place.

                            1. re: beer4brkfest

                              You can't compare the two, Whole pig at Daisy Mays is a real adventure fall of the Roman empire kind of thing.


                              1. re: msny98

                                i like that roman empire image. at dinosaur you're in the seats at the coliseum. at daisy may's you're the whole pig gladiator.

                                how's that?