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Sep 22, 2008 04:39 PM

Seafood place with veg options?


I'm relatively new to the Boston area (it's been about a year), and although I'm a foodie, I'm not a big seafoodie. Some friends are coming to visit next month and their only request is that we eat seafood. Unfortunately, one of our friends is a vegetarian. I don't want to just bring her along to a typical seafood restaurant, where the only things she'll be able to eat are rolls or a side salad. I need recommendations for restaurants that serve great seafood (don't necessarily have to be considered seafood restaurants) AND some vegetarian dishes (main dish salads are okay). My vegetarian friend is not a picky eater, but a couple of the others are, so I'd say that any Asian options are probably out. More in the American/Italian cuisine if possible.

A friend recommended the Barking Crab. They have no vegetarian dishes...but this is the sort of price range I'm looking for.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. East Coast Grill should work. The All Vegetable Experience of the Day is awesome and a huge veggie main course. I don't eat seafood (I'm a veg), but ECG gets recommended frequently on this board and my seafood eating DCs have enjoyed it.

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      Soxchik is dead on. One of my favorite restaurants in Boston. You won't be disappointed. You have to like spice, though. Took a friend there with the wimpiest spice tolerance and he struggled. Great atmosphere, great staff, killer food.

    2. You might consider Avila in the Theatre District. It is a mediterranean restaurant, not your traditional seafood restaurant but offers many interesting seafood and vegetarian options. One of my favorite seafood dishes is their Cast Iron Sizzling Shrimp first course.

      1. If you are willing to travel to Somerville, Out of the Blue has one vegetarian entree, plus salads, and Pescatore has a choice of four vegetarian entrees. Both restaurants have online menus that you can review.

        1. Rendezvous might work for you, not a seafood restaurant but generally some of their better plates are seafood and usually some local options. Vegetarian option, probably a bit easier for the picky eaters, but interestingly enough for you. Slightly more upscale, but not any more expensive than East Coast (which I like, but have problems with picky eater friends there). Pescatore is a good suggestion for the Italian american, but if you want the North End or a bit more touristy, your vegetarian friend could get a salad and pasta at the Daily Catch. You could barely scrape by for the vegetarian friend at Muqueca or a Portuguese restaurant, but something like RV is going to have something much more interesting.