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Sep 22, 2008 04:00 PM

OMG! I'm getting married! Need a great romantic restaurant for the reception!

Hi there!

We are having a small wedding (25 people) next fall and are looking for a very romantic restaurant for the dinner/reception. Our guests are mostly from Toronto and in their 40' they are used to eating GREAT food!

We have looked at Auberge du Pommier but they are quite pricey! We are not cheap just hoping to find a few other alternatives!

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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  1. Hart House Gallery Grill? I haven't eaten there for ages, but when I went the food and service were both quite good, and it's not very pricey. Hart House has a nice courtyard too (although, it's not actually part of the restaurant), so you might be able to have your dinner/reception out there if the weather is nice.

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      The Gallery Grill is a great suggestion! The space is stunning and would be lovely for a group of 25. I've only eaten there for lunch (not for a catered event), but the food is excellent.

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        I would suggest The Corner House on Davenport Road...the food is very good, the atmosphere is quietly romantic (?) is an old converted house with a very nice ambience...the wait staff is terrific...the parking (on street) is not a problem and I think the owners would be delighted to suggest 'all' that you might need..they are very obliging..

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          I third Hart House. Beautiful room with high ceilings, excellent food, great wine list and terrific service.

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            I went to a wedding at grano, it was very nicely done. would be perfect for your size party.

          2. Trattoria Fieramosca near Bloor/University on Prince Arthur (same street as Morton's but on other end of street near Bedford). One of Toronto's best kept secret! A cozy Italian restaurant with an ambiance that's excellent venue for a small Wedding party. Ask for Edwin (the manager) and tell him Joyce/Steve sent you and you'll be treated fine! ;)

            Website at for contact info. Congratuations and all the best!!

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              My last dinner at Fieramosca was less than ideal. Since it may have been just an off-night I hesitate to damn it yet. On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend it at the moment.

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