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Sep 22, 2008 03:45 PM

100 Mexican Dishes You Must Try Before Your Next Life?

As a well known poser & imitator of all trends... I would like to piggy back on the other 100 Things You Must Eat lists.. applied to Mexican gastronomy. Please nominate one... but please choose diligently... only the best of the best!

My nomination is for Pato en Mole Verde con Flor Rellena (Duck Braised in Green Pumpkin Seed Mole served with Mexico State style Goat Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin Blossoms)... I can't remember the name of the fonda but if you are ever in Almoloya del Rio, Edo Mex (its on the road that goes through Desierto de los Leones & San Miguel Ajusco towards Toluca)... you have to stop & ask for this dish (its a very common regional specialty prepared with locally harvested duck).

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  1. I had an Avestruz al carbon en mole negro with garlic mashed potatoes studded with crumbles of some queso that I did not get the name of, BUT, it had a rich bleu cheesey flavor to it. This made an ostrich believer out of me. I have been screaming about that meal to anyone who will listen about it and the place I had it since last spring. I do not know the origins, but it was one of those things that you could eat every night and never get sick of it..

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      Do you know remember the restaurant? With regards to the cheese... there has been some limited Roquefort production in Mexico since the time of Maximilian... I think it was about 10 years ago that it really came in vogue and you could find many applications in the mid level restaurants in DF and the surrounding cities. I remember having some kind of Tacos made Pollo Adobado that were garnished with Roquefort crema & Mexican Basil (aka Cinammon Basil) paired with an Herradura Anejo... back when chic Tequila Bars started to become common in DF.... and I just remember locally produced Roqueforts (from Edo Mex, Queretaro & Xalapa) being a very common ingredient at sit down places.

    2. When I lived in DF, my ladyfriend and I would often weekend at her family's retreat in El Oro, and we would spend lazy Saturdays cruising through tiny towns in Queretaro and Michoacan, buying ALL the huitlacoche we could find, from the little ladies on the sidewalk with baskets full. I always paid whatever they asked, except when I paid more.
      My ladyfriend (an incredible cook and restaurant owner in Ecuador) would make a casserole that resembled tamales filled with huitlacoche, baked in a dish with a thick huitlacoche sauce. Incredibly sabroso and distinctly Mexican and I think worthy of the top 100.
      She did the best chiles en nogada, but the casserole was her signature dish.

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        Where is this restaurant in Ecuador?

      2. EN -- does the Pato de Granja (duck with pumpkin seed sauce) served at Guaymas in Tiburon CA come close to your ideal? That's what I usually order there.

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          I never even heard of Guaymas in Tiburon until the recent Chile en Nogada thread... I think I missed out if they were serving Pato!

        2. Pipian de Camarones (Shrimp in pumpkin seed sauce) y Nopales con queso, naturalmente, primo.