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Sep 22, 2008 03:44 PM

keeping the caramel on the apple. What's the secret?

I've gotten great help on this board and have now mastered caramel thanks to the contributions, suggestions and recipes of many members. Now if I could only get the stuff to stay on the apples! I thought it was a factor of temperature and waited for the caramel to cool and thicken but there was still major drippage, even placing them in the fridge. Help!

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  1. Make sure the surface of your your apples are dry ( like VERY dry) before dipping them into the caramel.
    Apples have a natural wax coating (markets also sometimes spray wax on them to make them look better in the produce departments) which needs to be neutralized. I wash the apples with a mild soap and water solution (a brush helps if you have one) to get rid of the wax.
    You also don't want your caramel to be too hot; just hot enough to allow the apple to coat evenly when dipped.

    1. Too much butter in your caramel could also contribute to it not sticking. I've never had that happen to me.

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        Excellent point, JPerry. Never thought of that but it sure makes sense.

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          Am I going to be able to do this all in a crockpot?

        2. I am gearing up to make several batches of caramel apples- hopefully this will be the season that it is simple and easy....

          I tried more than 3 times to make my own caramel- impossible for me. When I used the wrapped caramels and microwaved them- I could have fainted how easy it was.

          I had the problem of the caramel running off too- and recently inquired to a local shop, and they dip them in ice water after dipping and are sure to have them DRY before the next dip.

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            Ice water ... good idea! I've wondered about how to keep the caramel on too.