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Sep 22, 2008 03:36 PM

Handicap accessible bistro and/or restaurants in Paris?

I'm going to Paris this weekend with my parents, and my mom uses a walker. We'd love a few restaurant suggestions that are accessible, in that there aren't a bunch of stairs and there is a restroom without having to go up or down.

Our hotel is by Louvre Rivoli Metro stop (not sure what arrondissement it is in) but we can go anywhere by taxi, hopefully! Price range is really broad. Would love one nice French bistro type place, and maybe a few other mid- to high-range options. Obviously we would love the food to be great, but it's going to be more important to actually get her in & out.

Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. Restaurant bathrooms will be tough, as they're almost always down a flight of stairs. The handful of exceptions I can think of off the top of my head are so tricky to navigate for other reasons that they'd be out. With that in mind, you might try planning one or two lunches near museums or some such attraction (away from the super-touristy core), so that you don't have to use the bathroom at the restaurant. That way you only have to worry about finding a not-too-cramped place.

    In general, there are a number of guide books covering Paris for persons with disabilities, because it's such a difficult city otherwise. I've heard good things about the easily available ones (a friend got a handful and found them all good).

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look for a book tomorrow. I was also thinking maybe of a restaurant in a hotel might work?

    2. Royal Madeliene at 11, rue du Chevalier Saint-George in the 8th is very close to the Madeleine and is one story with restrooms on the same floor that are easily acccessible and it is easily entered.

      1. Chateaubriand, excellent, fairly new, bistro has lavatory on the same floor and good food. Only problem is that is is so popular that you have to book even for lunch. It is roughly Republic area. Chez Christophe, rue Descartes, a new and tiny, very well reviewed bistro also has toilet on same floor. I was there for lunch yesterday. Problem here is acoustics as several of us are slightly deaf and the place is all hard surfaces. Also essential to book for both meals. I am practically sure that Apollo has lavatories on the ground floor but I am not certain, you'd have to check. I was there five years ago, food seemed perfectly OK though it didn't get rave reviews from others. There has been a change of management and apparently has international leanings (according to Gault Millau). There is a large yard with tables at the back, good for children.
        I assume you can search these places for details otherwise I can give them to you.

        1. Take a stroll down Mont Thabor and check out Souffle and L'Ardoise; they should be only a block or two away. Sorry, I don't recall where the restrooms are. Carr's, an Irish pub, will be even closer.