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Sep 22, 2008 03:35 PM

Zankou sauce- different at different locations?

I did a search to see if someone discussed this before.

I usually stop by the Zankou in Westwood (off of Wilshire) to get my fix when I am in the area. This weekend, though I drove past the one on Sunset (Hollywood) and had to stop by. I got a kebab and falafal that left a little to be desired and my container of garlic sauce. I had a little sauce from the last time I went to the other Zankou. It was remarkable to me how different the sauces were. The one from Sunset was thicker and whiter (a shocking white) and the garlic taste was stronger. It seemed more mashed potato-y than the Westwoond version.

Do each of the locations have different recipes for their sauce? Or was this just an instance of fluke? I have to say that I would not have called either sauce bad, but they were different.

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  1. My understanding is there are different Zankou's run by different family members. The one in Hollywood isn't part of the Zankou group mentioned on the website. I don't think its a fluke the sauces are somewhat different. According the tragic Zankou story I read, at one time the mother was the only one who made the secret sauce.