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Sep 22, 2008 03:11 PM

L'Auberge, Marinus, or Pacific's Edge? Help...

I'm in Carmel for one night and would like to enjoy a fabulous dinner. After researching the boards. I have wound up more confused than ever...

What I'm looking for is outstanding food and wine in a not-too-stuffy atmosphere. Something special and romantic... I don't mind spending the money, but in return I really want a memorable experience.

Has anyone dined at any of these places in the last month or so? I would love a fellow foodies opinion. Where would you go?


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  1. I have eaten at Marinus recently and was very disappointed:

    I think Citronelle at Carmel Valley Ranch might be a place for you.

    1. I would love for you to have cocktails at the Pacific's Edge and enjoy the magnificent sunset. It is located at the Highlands Inn 4 miles south of Carmel. Here is the bar menu if you want a small plates kind of a thing. You'll find the dinner menu on their site too. If the food doesn't seem to work, maybe cocktails there and dinner elsewhere. Call to check, they are not open 7 days a week.

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      1. re: Gail

        I think that's a fantastic idea... I know the sun sets a little after 6 so cocktails would be perfect.

        So, now it's between Citronelle and L'Auberge.

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          I was recently in Carmel, and while I will be shortly checking out Citronelle and hopefully L'Aurberge, a local French resident enthusiastically recommended Casanova as being consistently good and the spot locals go to dine. Worth a shot!


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            I've been to Marinus several times and have never been disappointed. That said, I haven't been for a year. Pacific's Edge is also very good and has a killer view. Cassanova is fun place that's very consistent and it does have a great wine list but it isn't the fine dining experience of either Marinus or Pacific's Edge. I want to get to Citronelle, too.

      2. I have dined at L'Auberge twice and I can highly recommend it. Its small (12 table) dining area is romantic and the food and wine superb. I think this restaurant would satisfy your request for special, romantic and memorable. Excellent rec from Gail to enjoy a sunset cocktail first at Pacific's Edge. Below is a link of the sample menu fro L'Auberge.
        Good luck!

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            Having recently eaten at Citronelle, Pacific's Edge, and Marinus, I would rank them in that order.

            Citronelle was simply wonderful - one of the best meals I have ever had. We went with the chef's dinner and each and every course was special.

            Pacific's Edge - great view, wonderful seafood. I had Ahi Tuna - very fresh and perfectly cooked with a great sauce. My wife had a roasted sea bass that was also superb. Other course were good but not outstanding.

            Marinus would not get a return trip - nothing about the meal was memorable or exciting. When your most lasting memory is of the great fireplace, the food must not have been much.

            (yes - I know I'm eating in great places too much - my credit card tells me so - but a bunch of major personal events all lined up in the last few months)