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Sep 22, 2008 03:03 PM

need dinner rec's for anisette

Read the Chow thoughts on the slow service, but saw little information on the food. Can't find the menu on the Anisette website. Read Virbila and Gold for their rec's and will try the onion soup, liver pate, steak tartare, moules frites. . Any thoughts on the duck confit verses the duck a l' orange. My wife loves the old French standards of cooking duck, but hates it when the duck is dry. I wanted to try the sweetbreads or the roast leg of lamb. My kids wanted to see if the steak and frites bring back the favors and memories of our family trip to Paris. . Any food thoughts would be recommended. Our last family meal at Fraiche was outstanding. Big fan of Giraud. Probably have too high of an expectation of the meal. But you can always hope. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I split the rack of lamb with my father last time I was there and it was excellent. He also really enjoyed the onion soup. Mom thought the steak tartare was very good as well.

    If you're there on a Sunday, skip the lobster gratin. I was having a drink at the bar, and the couple next to me both ordered it and were very disappointed. They said it was very much greasier than they expected.

    If you like dessert, the vacherin glace is one of my favorites in LA.

    1. Steak tartare very good; sweetbreads divine but bro-in-law did not care for the sausage and beans - too tomatoey. I told him to send it back and not to suffer because the rest of us were really enjoying the food - and Alain waving from the kitchen and bringing us goodies. Very fun evening. Ask to be seated upstairs.

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        sidwich and zoeZ thanks for your comments about the food and the seating.
        looking forward to the dinner

      2. I had the moules frites for lunch this past Thursday. Not sure if mussels are in season right now b/c the dish I had was not too good. Small mussels and a bit chewy. The sauce was a bit too "white winey" for my taste - I'd prefer just garlic and white wine instead. I had the salted meats Charcuterie appetizer- the pate was bland but loved the parma(?) ham. Service was great - very attentive. I went off hours btw lunch and dinner so it was very easy to walk in and get a table.

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            well, mussels are technically in season year round as the majority of the mussels consumed is aquacultured.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. The duck al'orange is not done the traditional way, it's sliced duck breast with an orange sauce. I'd go for the duck confit. No contest. The special tomorrow is blanquette de veau, a very excellent and wonderful veal stew.