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Sep 22, 2008 02:27 PM

Walnut Ave - Santa Cruz (a report & thank you)

We dropped my stepson off at UCSC last Friday and managed to squeeze in a late breakfast at Walnut Ave before his appointed move-in time. The atmosphere was comfortable, and the host even gave us a quieter table tucked in the back. My multi grain pancakes were very good, hearty without being heavy. My husband enjoyed his omelette, which was more homestyle. The fried potatoes were pretty rustic, irregular pieces of russet potato with skin on. They had a nice fresh salsa that was good over everything. He opted for the apple cinnamon muffin instead of toast, which had good flavor but was a bit dry. My stepson gobbled his french toast. The service was friendly and faster than we had expected, and we noted that we weren't the only parent/new student table in the place. We'll be back.

Many thanks to those of you who have weighed in on the Santa Cruz food scene in recent months. I am armed with a long list of places to try. The anticipation of exploring the Santa Cruz area in the coming years is easing the pangs of empty nesting.

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  1. Nice to hear a positive review for a local breakfast/lunch place! Thanks for taking the time to report back. I look forward to your future reports on our area, and I wish your stepson (and you) the best during his transition.

    Walnut Avenue Cafe
    106 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060