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Sep 22, 2008 02:22 PM

Looking for a good buffet in MSP

Hi! I have moved here a few months ago and would like to find a buffet that actually tastes good!! I would ideally like an Thai buffet or an Chinese buffet w/ Mongolian Grill or even Indian but an open to almost anything (not so much on the Old Country Buffet or the Golden Corral). I tried an Chinese buffet by the Knollwood Mall but wasn't really impressed. I have driven by the Atlantic Buffet in Bloomington but would love some input from someone that has actually eaten there I live in St. Louis Park and will drive up to 20 minutes or so. For some reason my boyfriend is dying to eat an buffet. Also I did check out this thread already but didn't see any Thai or other types of buffets on it. Thanks!!

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  1. I thought the lunch buffet at the Himalayan Restaurant on Franklin Ave was good. It's small but tasty. The food is Nepalese, pretty close to Indian food. Also, the lunch buffet at Khyber Pass is excellent (Afghani food).

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      I second Khyber Pass, and would also add the Everest on Grand's buffet is excellent.

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        Yeah Everest is what I was going to post too. You can check the menu before you go on their website:

    2. I think K Wok by the U of M is really good: Vietnamese/Chinese/Malay. I suggest not getting too much food at once as they will put out specials all through lunch and you don't want to miss out! I can't find a website but this will get you the info:

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        I haven't eaten there yet, but people are saying good things about the new
        Ghandi Mahal near Lake and Minnehaha- they have a daily lunch buffet (Indian

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          I was there a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty good, but I'd drive farther and go to Nala Pak any day. Great Southern Indian vegetarian. I'd also 'third,' if it's possible, Himalaya on Franklin. The guy behind the counter is so nice and soft-spoken, the food is great, and the price is right. I noticed last time I was there that they'd toned down the heat somewhat, a bit of a disappointment for me as to my mind it's less authentic that way, but if it will encourage the masses to come, then so be it. I would like to see this little restaurant succeed.

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        1. What about Khan's Mongolian BBQ- just off 494 ih Richfield. I think it's between 12th and Nicollet?

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            Khan's Mongolian BBQ is a chain of restaurants that is not so good, IMO.

          2. May not be exactly what your looking for but Picosa is a Spanish restaurant down by St Anthony Main formerly Sophias, they have a 7-8$ very impressive buffet on the weekends it's like 11-12$ They have fresh fruit, tacos with fiz ins, soups, desserts, chips, and an enchilada bakes, seafood and a free beverage too, parking is validated if you park in the right lot(connected to riverplace) but you have to bring your ticket in to get it stamped