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Sep 22, 2008 01:55 PM

gourmet market near 30th/Park?

Changing jobs after years of being spoiled by easy access to, first, Lobster Place/Murray's/Citarella, and then, Zabar's/Citarella/Fairway/H&H. Does anybody know of anything comparable to any of these places within walking distance of 30th and Park? Specifically, I'm interested in fish, cheese, bread, produce, pasta, appetizing...

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  1. There's Artisanal around 32nd and Park for cheese, which I find better than Murrays (but expensive). There's also a Wild Edibles around 35th Street and 3rd Ave (though I'm not sure how the fish is since their financial issue). If you need spices, dried fruit, tea, coffee, Middle Eastern goods, condiments, etc. Kalustayan's on Lex and 28th would suffice. Bread and produce -- that's a bit tough. There's a Garden of Edenesque (though much, much smaller) type of store on 2nd Ave near 33rd Street.

    If Grand Central Terminal isn't too far for you, they'll have what you're looking for in one place in their market.

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      Thank you! My only experience with Wild Edibles has been in their Grand Central Station store- insanely expensive. But I will check out their other location.

      1. re: bennyt

        I'm afraid the prices are the same. I would have thought the Grand Central location would have been more expensive because it's higher rent.

        If you're looking for sushi-grade fish, there's H-Mart (it's a Korean grocery store) on 32nd between 5th and Broadway. They also sell other fish, but it's not that great. It's also not a bad place to pick up some veggies, leaning towards Asian vegetables. But they do have a selection of red peppers, Idaho potatoes, onions, garlic and things of that kind. If you don't care about free-range chicken, organic meat, etc., they also sell some short ribs, chicken legs, chicken breasts, and sliced pork belly. I generally travel to do my grocery shopping. But if I need to pick up some emergency fixins, I usually head out to H-Mart.

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        I think you are referring to Todaro Bros on 2nd ave between 30th and 31st street. They have a good selection of salumis and olives and some decent cheese. I have also been very satisfied with their steaks and ground beef, very reasonably priced prime meat too.

        1. re: ESNY

          Thank you! That is exactly the place I'm talking about.

      3. Garden of Eden...23rd street.