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Sep 22, 2008 01:50 PM

Best affordable restos with ambiance in West Village

I'm moving to the West Village and am looking for go-to restos. Ideas anyone?

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  1. I went to Extra virgin this summer and really liked it. The food was excellent and I liked the place also. They have a couple of tables outside for warm weather and it is on a quiet street so the walk there was nice also.

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    1. re: cricri7

      That sounds perfect. Thank you. I'll definitely use your suggestion!

    2. I'm not sure what affordable is for you but this is a start:
      Grano Trattoria 21 Greenwich Ave. great friendly neighborhood place, awesome pizza
      Alta 64 W. 10th St. good small plate, fun place
      Gobo 401 Sixth Ave. really good vegitarian
      Cafe Asean 117 W. 10th St. simple, good food, friendly, pretty cheap
      Pearl Oyster Bar 18 Cornelia St. amazing lobster roll
      Aki 181 W. Fourth St. small space but fresh, good, and reasonably priced
      Waverly diner good diner food
      Amy's bread 250 Bleecker St. good sandwiches and breads

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      1. re: misnatalie

        Wow. Those menus all look amazing. And I love Gobo. Good pick. Thanks!

      2. westville will be your lifeline...burgers, salads, fish...vegetables...its all fresh and all good. delivery is solid and the place is usually reservations.

        la bonbonniere is a greasy spoon on hudson that actually is a nice reprieve from the fancy places...great breakfast...

        tavern on jane is in my opinion the best bar and grill in the west village...always solid...good for drinks...and their burger beats corner bistro.

        elephant and castle on greenwich has great comfort food...their chicken schnitzel and chicken caesar salad rule.

        good for brunch is packed and its decent.

        tartine is cramped but cheap for bistro dinner.

        da andrea has in my opinion the best italian for the money south of 14th street.

        ino for the best panini in the city.

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        1. re: sam1

          Agreed, Da Andrea is an excellent value and has a really nice atmosphere.

          1. re: rrems

            Malatesta also has a lot of character. The big bang for your buck is at Bar Pitti, though.

        2. the new french is a great little place. The food is simple but interesting (and really well priced). They have a daily red and white wine special that is always an amazing deal

          1. I always mention this place, because it is one of my favorites!
            Piadina, simple delicious Italian in a charming basement setting. All the waiters are Italian, the food is always tasty and the price is just right.