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Sep 22, 2008 01:34 PM

Mandalay Bay Recs?

Heading up to TheHotel for the weekend.

Wanted to go out for nice dinner for 4.

Wondering if anyone has been to Mix, Fleur, Aureole, or Stripsteak recently?

We ate at Aureole several years ago and thought the original (New York) was much better.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Stripsteak is excellent. It's up there with the top steak places in Vegas (i.e. Cut, Craft). It's a "new age" steak place so don't expect oversized appetizers or the largest pieces of meat you've ever seen. Desserts were a bit strange. They were all some interesting variation on the doughnut. I guess it's a Mina thing.

    I've had great experiences at Aureole. In fact, it is one of my Vegas "go-tos". The tasting menu does not disappoint and they have a great wine program. Request the Swan Court seating for a more intimate experience or the main dining room to be right in the thick of things. Have not been to the NY locale, so I can't compare.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Fleur du Lys. First time I dined there somehow got seated in an amazing cabana booth. Service was flawless and the food was memorable. A year later, I took my father there and received the polar opposite of my first trip. Service was distant, food was pretty good at best. Went back to the bar the following night to have drinks and apps and give a chance to redeem itself. Same thing. Bummer cause my first experience at Fleur was one of my all-time favorite meals. With all the options in Vegas, I feel no need to go back.

    Have not dined at Mix but hope to soon. Mixed reviews on this site.

    Do you need to restrict yourself to MB restaurants? There are so many more amazing restaurants a short cab ride away.

    1. I'll be trying MiX on Thursday of this week, but don't know that I'll have time to post the review before your visit. If the kitchen is executing well I really don't know how you could go wrong the the Ducasse classics part of the menu.

      1. I ate at Stripsteak in January of last year and had a great meal. The crab cake appetizer was very good and they brought complimentary duck fat fries to the table, I'm not sure if they bring the fries to everybody or not but they were very good. I had the 8 oz. Wagyu beef ribeye cap. It the best steak I have ever had. I was perfectly cooked, unbelievably tender and had amazing flavor. I can't remember what we had for sides so they either weren't great or were just completely overshadowed by my steak.

        I ate at Aureole in July of 2006 while I was in Las Vegas for the first time on my honeymoon. It was the most memorable meal I have ever had. My wife and I sat in the Swan Court and everything was perfect. We got there at five o'clock and told our waiter that we were seeing a show at eight and he was able to perfectly time everything to have us out the door just in time for us to be at the House of Blues right when the doors opened. The food was unbelievable; I had the best French onion soup I have ever had, my wife had a great king crab appetizer. I had the Delmonico steak which until I went to Stripsteak in January was the best steak I had ever had. I had creme Brulee for dessert and it was perfect. The whole experience was top notch. I would definately like to go back someday, but there are so many other restaurants I want to try.

        In case you were thinking about Trattoria De Lupo, it is great for a casual dinner. I had a great lasagne there.

        1. My boyfriend and I dined at MiX on Saturday night and it was absolutely fantastic. Our reservations were at 6:30 and the sun was just beginning to set which made for a perfect view. Our waiter was relax and very conversational, not at all stuffy as I had encountered the previous night at another restaurant. We ordered the shrimp cocktail for an appetizer; horseradish custard and a spicy tomato sauce with mixed greens and about 6 large shrimp, such a cool twist on a classic. My bf ordered the seafood special; scallops, calamari stuffed with lobster, and nori coated potatoes, all very good. He ordered a side of the elbow pasta, gruyere and french ham; this was good but I can make this dish as home- nothing too extravagant. I went all out and ordered the beef tenderloin with froi gras, shaved black truffles and a black truffle sauce with a side of parsley mashed potatoes. My dish was insanely good and quite a nice birthday meal. We finished with the MiX candy bar which was a cute and delish dessert.

          I have no complaints about this place. I read the mixes reviews on this site and others but ultimately chose it for the chic ambiance, the view, and the menu. The service and timing was impeccable and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

          1. I would make Burger Bar a must for lunch. I have heard awsome reviews about Fleur de lys and have heard a well known food critic say its the most underrated restaurant in Las Vegas. You could hit Mix for pre or post drinks just to see the view as thats the only thing worth going there for. Stripsteak is the only other restaurant worth going to.

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              Second the vote for burger bar. Go all out for the foie! I am not so much into beer, but they have a great selection - a beer list with descriptions. Zucchini fries good too.

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                I keep hearing nothing but good things about burger bar. I am going to make a point of checking this place out for lunch. I looked at their menu online and I have a pretty good idea what I am going to get already.

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                  I had the grand daddy Rossini Burger and would have no problem spending $60.00 on it again but I think I will go for the Surf and Turf next time!!!