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Sep 22, 2008 01:30 PM

2nd Ave Deli--what am I missing?

I had a pastrami sandwich and a kasha knish to take out yesterday. Extremely disappointing, expensive and mediocre fare. I'd ordered the pastrami fatty and still it wasn't anything outstanding, the meat was not as tender as it should have been, it tasted just like something I'd get at any deli. And the knish was hard and crusty and sort of dry. All that for $20. Never again!

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  1. When we finally got around to trying the (new) 2nd Avenue Deli a few months ago, we found the pastrami very disappointing, We specificed very fatty to our waitress, but what we got had little fat and was too dry. However, the potato knish we had was excellent.

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      RGR - Do you give the LES walking/eating tours? Or is it just for people to do on their own. They look fantastic.


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        Hey, Jessica,

        Glad to hear you're thinking of doing my tour. It is self-guided, which is why I've included detailed walking instructions.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

    2. I've always though 2nd Ave Deli makes a much better corned beef sandwich than a pastrami sandwich. I save my pastrami for Katz's, or if I can't make it down there and have an immense craving, Sarge's.

      1. Try Sarge's on Third and 37th St. I adore their pastrami sandwiches. When I ask for "fatty" they serve "fatty". I moved from the neighborhood last year, and Sarge's is the one restaurant that I miss very much. I was thinking of trying Second Ave. Deli, but after reading your review, I'll stay with Sarge's.

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          i agree re: sarge's. it's a great, perhaps somewhat underrated neighborhood spot.

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            I 3rd Sarge's (and it's on Seamless web so I can order it in at lunch... on the firm)

            I think I may head there for a feast right after the marathon... Blintz's followed by hot dogs, pastrami and a knish... and if I can do it some chocolate mousse cake

          2. i love their chopped liver and stop in from time to time for a container from the deli counter. if you're a liver fan, i'd recommend it. i've yet to try the new location for a full meal, though, due to the very mixed reviews.

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              Thanks for all your replies. I'll definitely give Sarge a try and go back to Katz for a long overdue revisit.

            2. going to sound a little harsh here, but ure not missing anything...ive always felt that 2nd Ave Deli was garbage sorta like Veniero's living off a reputation built long ago, but the food quality was not up to the reputation...i tried it so many times over the years, but i never was impressed

              unlike say Katz's which although expensive does have a long history and reputation, but their pastrami really is great

              Sarge's is alright, but I think Katz's is better