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Sep 22, 2008 01:10 PM

Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley. Anyone been?

Hello has anyone eaten there yet? Is the menu different from Petrus?

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  1. I'm going there tonight but I have never been to the-restaurant-formerly-known-as-petrus before so won't really be able to comment on any changes I'm afraid. The restaurant was shut for 2 weeks wasn't it so I assume something must have changed in that time. I haven't seen any reports/reviews since it re-opened which I must say I find a little strange.

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      I have a reservation for October. I too find it odd that there are no reviews out there in the ether. Well, I hope that you have a great evening and enjoy your meal! If you can please post back..

      1. re: rekha

        There was speculation that it would take Marcus time to migrate from the "constraints" of the GRH house style into his own personal style. Maybe the reviewers are holding back until the menu changes.

      2. re: timmy_s

        So, as I said I'd not been to Petrus previously so I can't compare but my meal at Marcus Wareing yesterday was absolutely top notch. We decide to go with the ALC (£75) rather than the tasting (£90) menu but certainly didn't feel like we were any the worse off as there were plenty of 'extras' as you might expect. My girlfriend and I both had the lobster and trotter starter and for main courses I had the veal and her the pigeon - all were wonderful. The service was spot on, polite, helpful and not at all slimy or patronising. The evening finished with an offer to have a look round the kitchen and we met Marcus who seemed very happy and relaxed in his "new" restaurant (funnily enough the only missed bit of re-branding I noticed was Marcus' chefs whites which were still labelled "Petrus by Marcus Wareing"). Anyway, highly recommended and probably only second to the Fat Duck in my personal list of best meals.

        Apart from the Evening Standard review linked below, the following seems to have popped up today as well;

      3. The menu will essentially be the same as Petrus - probably because there have been no changes of the staff in the kitchen, and because Marcus does what he does very well. (If it ain't broke...)

        It is strange that no critics, or bloggers, have visited yet - but then it's not a new restaurant as such and there are other high profile openings going on at the moment. I'm sure it won't be long though.

        There is one review on toptable at the moment:
        "Diners will recall Petrus as a top venue here at toptable. Well, Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley happily continues this at the same locale. Not much has changed! Interesting starters of Lobster with pigs trotters, lead onto Dorset Turbot with Frog's legs. There is a veg menu, but at £75 for 3 courses, you may want to save this for a special event. Bubbly starts at £12 a glass, but it does go down so well! The interior is a hushed temple to all things gourmet! Save room for the Bob-Bon course!"

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        1. re: DollyDagger

          "The menu will essentially be the same as Petrus - probably because there have been no changes of the staff in the kitchen, and because Marcus does what he does very well. (If it ain't broke...)"

          It will be interesting to see if you are right. It was my understanding that Marcus had felt constrained in the GRH corporate structure and wanted independence in order to stamp his personality on the restaurant and move it a direction of his choice rather than stay within the GRH house style. I had expected it to change, but not instantly.

          1. re: PhilD

            When I made my reservation a few weeks ago I was told the format would be staying basically the same, at least...

        2. I'm going next week. There's a review in the Standard today -