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Sep 22, 2008 11:56 AM

Help!- AZ

So my first choice for RW was Lon's, but they're booked through the week. I need help chosing a different place and needed input on the following:

Bourbon Steak House
Tutti Santi
Meritage Steak House

Any info is appreciated...thx!

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  1. personally i'd try bourbon steak house, esp since i'm 95% sure you can eat at tutti santi for that price.

    im not sure on meritage.

    just my 2 cents tho :)

    1. I've been a lurker for some time now, but my RW dinner at Bourbon Steak House last night was the push I needed to finally make a post! For some background, I moved back to town ~1yr ago from a city that has a very successful RW.

      My husband and I arrived at Bourbon Steak last night and were immediately wowed by the atmosphere. The hostess sat us outside, which was fine at first, but by the end of the night, got uncomfortable (no misting system, fans). The service was great - lots of nice touches (complementary duck fat fries, delicious bread), but the food was . . . just ok. The heirloom tomato & burrata cheese appetizer was much better than the bibb wedge salad. For the entrees, the skirt steak was much better than the short rib (dry, bland). For dessert, the beignets were better than the 3 incredibly small balls of ice cream. They definitely created a "tasting" menu and did not serve 3 full courses (I'd say the steaks were 4-6 oz size portions, at most). I think that the restaurant should disclose this upfront. Some may say "what did you expect for $29/person?", but having eaten at other RW across in different cities where this isn't the norm, I was really disappointed. And don't get me started on charging $5 for a cup of coffee with my dessert - yikes!