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Sep 22, 2008 11:04 AM

Culinary Institute - Hyde Park

We plan to tour some of the mansions along the Hudson River and were thinking about lunch at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. Please let me know your thoughts and which of the restaurants you would recommend. Thanks.

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  1. All of the restaurants are good. I recommend that you plan now for your reservations in a month or so. They are typically full up in the short term.

    All of the restaurants are well described on the CIA website.

    1. if you can't get a rezzy at any of the restaurants......there's always apple pie cafe which is located in roth hall (the main building)......u don't need a rezzy there..... the food is obviously cafe style fare.......but great...!

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      1. re: southlake

        MMM I would second that notion! I love the Cafe for its food and the laid back atmosphere. It's where the students go when they get a snack attack. Don't miss the Mudslide Cookies and any or all of the breads.

        1. re: lucyis

          That is funny, I had already decided to try the Apple Pie Cafe, it seemed more flexible. Since we aren't familiar with the area, I didn't want to be tied to a certain time. Thanks for the input.

          1. re: tll

            Keep in mind that the Apple Pie is only open weekdays.

            1. re: markabauman

              We will be there on a weekday. Thanks.

      2. We had a great lunch at the American Bounty restaurant at the CIA. It was about 4 months ago and the food was terrific.