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Edith Piaf-Style Tunes with Solid Food

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Headed to Paris in late October. Have a great restaurant lineup so far, a mix of old favorites and first bites: Le Dome, L'Atelier Joel Robuchon, Le Sensing, Le Baratin, Le Meurice (lunch), and big splurge at L'Arpege.

What's missing:
(1) Cardiologist appointment
(2) Someplace to listen to an Edith Piaf-style chanteuse, but where the food is solid. Not looking for ultimate gourmet experience (some of that already covered above), just dependable standards.

The first I'll deal with on Cardiohound.com. Any thoughts on #2?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If weekend lunch works, wonderful chanteuse at La Louisiette at Marche Vernaison at Cligancourt on weekends, also servicable mussels. Can sit for long time as long as the tips keep coming and listen to Je regrette rien again and again