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Sep 22, 2008 11:01 AM

The most exotic ice cream in SF

is there a place to get really exotic ice cream flavors like these
in SF

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  1. Dare to do durian.

    Polly Ann Ice Cream
    3138 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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    1. re: wolfe

      The durian ice cream I've had has been surprisingly low-key.

    2. I once saw fish roe ice cream at Three Twins in Napa (Oxbrow Market). But their flavors aren't generally crazy.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I can't read the article in the link....what types of flavors are you looking for?

          I think the durian ice cream at Marco Polo is sometimes pretty strong, and I really like it. I also love the guava ice cream there.

          Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream
          1447 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116

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          1. re: Dave MP

            I like their Black Sesame and Jackfruit.

            1. re: Dave MP

              I think the linked article has expired. Various news accounts and blogs mention these flavors:

              Ox Tongue (said to be the favorite)
              Sea Urchin
              Horse Sashimi
              Pit Viper
              Chicken Wing
              Kishimen Noodle
              Pearl (wth actual finely sliced pearl)

              For those can read Japanese, this blogger created a photo montage of signs showing all the flavors: