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Sep 22, 2008 08:05 AM

Food carts?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the food carts in DC? I've only been to Pedro and Vinnie's and the On The Fly carts, but have heard about the Bulgogi Cart on 14th and, the gyro cart on 15th and M, Pupatella in Clarendon, the halal cart on 14th anf G. And there are several around Howard University.

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  1. There are bulgogi and crepes carts at the Rockville farmers markets on Wednesdays with really long lines and wonderful smells. Go for it!

    1. DC is still a little behind other cities when it comes to food carts, but it has improved a little bit recently. Here's a little ranking:

      1. Pupatella - This is the finest food cart in the area. The pizzas and sandwiches coming out of here are as good as any casual options in the area. I'm not in Ballston often during the week, but when I do, I make it there.

      2. Korean Food Cart on 14th - The bulgogi here is really delicious and a huge portion. It is simple and good.

      3. Pedro and Vinnys - I haven't been since the return, but the burritos here are lots of fun and John Rider really makes the experience unique. The line can be really long, but I think it is worth it. I think a burrito is not quite up to the level of the carts above though.

      4. On the Fly Carts - There are a whole bunch of these serving a variety of topics. I'm partial to the vegetarian tacos at the taco-based carts.

      I'm always shocked to see lines out the door at Potbelly or something similar when cart food is available. I'm not sure if people are afraid or what, but I would definitely encourage folks to try it out.

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        The bulgogi cart - I posted a question on it once that I don't think got answered.

        I saw it once at 13th and L (or rather I saw *a* bulgogi cart). Then the next time I visited that client they weren't there.

        I'm guessing the one referenced here is usually at *14th* and L?

        1. re: Dennis S

          Yup. Usually. I couldn't see it today so I wound up in a not-to-be-repeated Thai place. And then as I walked back to the office I saw it down the block. On K, almost @ 13th.

          1. re: DCNative2008

            Thanks for the update. My client near there is about to fire up the contract again, so maybe I'll be able to get some soon.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Second the suggestions to check out sauca:
          It turned up in my Logan Circle nabe a few weeks ago and I had one of their mexicali fish taco saucas - surprisingly fresh & fabulous. The truck roams, so I think you have to visit their website or twitter feed to find them around DC.
          I plan on stalking them this summer...

        2. I think I just saw a new cart here in Rosslyn. Didn't have a chance to try it, but looks intriguing. It's called "Rebel" something, I think "Rebel Hero", but could be "sub". Anyway, they obviously serve sandwiches, in particular I noticed a roasted pork banh mi. It's on Wilson, right in front of the Safeway, across from Cafe Piaola. Could be a good option for office-dwellers in Rosslyn, I'll try to report more when I actually try it.

          1. Just wanted to post that I had lunch at a good Pit Beef cart in B-More today - on Light one block south of Baltimore. Pioneer is still a bit better, but if I worked around the area, this would be somewhat regular in rotation.