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Sep 22, 2008 08:05 AM

Lazar Spicy Beef Sausages - Anyone Tried Them?

I noticed these at the Bathurst/Lawrence Dominion. They have a decent ingredient list and claim to have a kosher natural casing (almost unheard of in Canada). I am curious, but have been so disappointed at every Canadian kosher sausage I've tried that I am loath to spend even the moderate cost of these. I have also heard rumours that Lazar is actually connected with the despicable Rubashkin company in the US.

I'm interested in the opinions of the general Chowhound community in this post, as opposed to those who buy the product only because it is kosher.

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  1. Lazar Yitzchok is not owned by Rubashkins. It is owned by a local Toronto family the Bielack's. They are wonderful people. They also run a non-kosher meat packing plant, St. Helen's, and they own the Grace market on College (not kosher).

    I have not tried the beef sausages, but have tried the Mexican chicken and the Louisiana Chicken and they are really good. The only kosher beef sausage I tried was Baldwin's and I found them to be really fatty.