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Sep 22, 2008 07:59 AM

Ramsey Needs to Return To Campania in Fairlawn, NJ

Had gone to Campania in the past, the food was very good, but stopped going because of the bad service. Decided to go again after seeing that Chef Ramsey had straightened the place out. The service was so bad that we will never go again! Customers all around us were upset and complaining and I doubt they will ever go back either. The waiter was distracted and kept stopping and looking around while trying to tell us the specials. We had to ask twice for bread and it took over 45 minutes for our first course to come out. Then the salad my ordered had a bright red smudge on the side of the plate; it looked like blood. The waiter agreed and brought out a new salad. My mother had ordered the muscles which were very good; however half of the shells were empty and they never gave me a separate dish for the shells. It took another 45 minutes for the main course. We had asked for some more oil for the bread a few times while we waited but never got it. When we ask about the main course the waiter told us that it was being plated. After another 20 minutes asking again about our main course, we were told that the Penne what was taking so long. We didn't order Penne, nor did we get it. I ordered the Chicken dish with Sausage and mushrooms, but, received a different Chicken dish that I did not like. There was no option to return it because of the time it would have taken. The restaurant was packed with people waiting to get in; when a table became empty it took 20 to 25 minutes to turn over the tables. Our reservation was honored on time but the table next to us said they had a reservation for 7 pm but did not get seated until 7:55 pm The food was not as good as it had been in the past; and hard to believe the service was worse. Would go back even if the food was free! Chef Ramsey What Happened????

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  1. We went to Finn McCools (in Westhampton) and had a similar experience. Actually, we went there a couple of weeks after their episode ran and the food was great. The Shepard's Pie was out of this world. The service was good and the place was humming. However, we went back about 3 weeks ago and it was possibly one of the worst meals I have ever had. The shepard's pie was a greasy gloppy mess. The green salad was filled with half rotten greens. It was deplorable. I will never go back. I guess you can straighten out a place for a little bit but it is impossible to break the habits of these crappy chefs. It is also a little comical becuase when the new season premiered the intereviewed the owner etc. about how well they were doing and how everyone loves the food blah blah blah. The show is so staged and all they do it provide a cosmetic makeovers for chefs that should be out of a job.

    1. No surpise Westchester County we have The Old Stone Mill in Tuckahoe, a handsome facility that Ramsey left behind under the same bad management...nothing the 'big chef' did left any noticeable impression...nothing has changed except that the restaurant itself has been for sale...
      What do you expect from such a quick makeover in what was already a sliding operation. Outside of firing everyone, even the owner at times, I find Ramsey's intrusions great theater but not very usefull in the long run. It's a put on...a true mission impossible.
      By the way, when was the last time Ramsey himself achieved better than average reviews in his own operations? Better send someone over there right away cameras and all...can't wait for the excuses...