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Sep 22, 2008 07:51 AM

Hazan's Eggplant Ricotta Sauce

I have long been a Marcella Hazan fan and many of her recipes are permanent fixtures in my repertoire, though I have not come close to making all of the ones in her Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Recently, I found myself with lots of eggplant and wanted to try something new, so I made her eggplant ricotta sauce, which I had never made before. This was so tasty! It has eggplant, ricotta parmesan, plum tomato, garlic, basil, onion. I ended up making 3x in a two week span. The ricotta melts into the pasta and makes it really luscious. If you have her book (and if you don’t I urge you to get it) try this recipe! I cant believe I have had this book for so long and overlooked this recipe.

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  1. Could you possibly paraphrase and post it? I have Classic Italian Cookbook, and the recipe isn't in there.

    1. I too would appreciate the recipe.

      1. dice eggplant, salt and drain it, then sautee the cubed eggplant til crisp, set aside. Sautee onions, add peeled, sliced fresh plum tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt and pepper, cook about ten min or so. Then toss the eggplant, cooked pasta and the tomato onion mixture together, add a few Table spoons of ricottta, sprinkle with parm, mix up and serve.

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          1. sounds really good! what kind of pasta does she recommend?

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              In response to Jmax- she said peel the eggplant, I did not. I used white eggplant, but you can use any. The eggplant skin doesnt bother me.

              In response to Jen kalp- I used the Cellentani shape, I cant recall what shape she reccomends, though she has a whle section in the book on matching sauce to pasta shape. I think something on the shorter side would be good though