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Sep 22, 2008 07:09 AM

Appel Farms Fat Free Quark! YUMMY! 70 calories per serving and this good?!

Well, it may just knock fat free Fage out of my top spot for dairy guilt-free indulgence, which would be an amazing thing, since I am a Fage fanatic.

I found it in LA at Gelson's in Sherman Oaks, and thought, "70 calories a serving? Well, why not, I like quark!"

It was amazing! Thick, creamy, satisfying, a little sharp and tangy.

I've had it with Splenda and fruit. Splenda and pureed kabocha with cinnamon, ginger, allspice and cloves, chopped dill and garlic, roasted garlic and pepper over spaghetti squash and roast veggies, rolled in grilled eggplant and topped with tomato sauce.. it's amazing. I gotta try more ideas...

They have a regular, low-fat, and fat free. the fat free is in a red container. I hope they widen distribution. They make a few other cheeses (regualr fat, I guess) including paneer, which I haven't found.

Oh, god, I'm happy I found it!

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  1. How much protein per serving? thanks!

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      13 g of protein per serving, so the nutritional info says.

    2. I first had quark in Germany and adored it, but when I looked around back home, there was none available at any price. Somehow I had the idea to try making yogurt cheese. I use Dannon Fat-Free, and drain it in yogurt filters (you can use coffee filters too) at least a day in the fridge. The resulting "quark" can be used in any of the ways you list, or any way you can imagine (my imagination leads me to the Greek dessert with honey and toasted walnuts). When our friends came from Germany to visit, I had my "quark" for them for breakfast. Where did you get this? they said to me. This is the best quark we've ever had. Go know. Thanks, Dannon.

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      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        I've been making my own yogurt heese for years, not Dannon based but out of Mountain High or Fage fat free-or my own home made yogurt. I just use butter muslin and a 10 lb weight from my freewieghts. Solid yogurt cheese in less than a day! Then I make a health drink from the squeezed out whey.

        I hate Dannon's fake chemically taste and chalky mouthfeel. I've used that in everything far beyond basic yogurt and honey, including fro yo and taco salads

        But Appel farms is a little different than yogurt cheese. The flavor is different, and the texture more cheesey. You should try it to taste the difference!

        1. re: Diana

          Appel Farms hasn't made it to the Berkshires in Western MA! (Not a whole lot has.) If it ever appears, I'll surely try it. But I am NOT a Fage fan, in any form. So --- we agree to disagree on that...

          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Interesting, what do you dislike about Fage?

            Other brands of Greek yogurt I find are Oikos and one TJ's sells under their label.

            Here are three online stores the Appel Farms website says sells the quark

   (located in Michigan


   (located in Wisconsin, carries regular and low fat, can't see the fat-free


   (located in Colorado. carries regular and low fat, can't see the fat-free)

            1. re: Diana

              It's really funny, Diana. When you ask about Fage, I think I'd use your words: chemically taste, and an icky mouthfeel (not chalky, but I really dislike the way it fills my mouth)! When I was in Greece years ago, I had Greek yogurt for breakfast, and it was HEAVENLY. (Especially with honey, a combo I adore.) So maybe Fage suffers with me by the comparison.
              Those websites are all far from me, so I will settle contentedly with my Dannon homemade until perhaps Appel makes it this far east and I can simply buy it in the store.

              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                They may be far, but they ship!

                I don't know, I never tasted chemicals in Fage. I find it closest to Greek, next to imported.

                I taste them in Danon, Yoplait and other commercial yogurts, and see them on the ingredients list. You should look for Mountain High, if you can. Very good.

                Which honey do you use? I love an imported Greek honey, or a nice white honey. maybe a good sage Honey, like from The Savannah Bee company. A local Apiarst out here does a caramelized honey to die for! A few roasted pine nuts with that is a yummy crunchy addition. Sometimes, I'll just plop in a chunk of fresh honeycomb-yum!

                then again, if Danon is the best you can find in your area, I guess it will have to do. Do look for Mountain high. Do you get Lucerne?

                1. re: Diana

                  I cannot recall ever seeing Mountain High or Lucerne. As I said, we're sort of remote, there's a lot we don't get! For someone who likes thin yogurt (and I mean thin) we have a wonderful regional called Hawthorne Valley (Farm?) yogurt, the maple-vanilla is really a treat. But of course it's a different animal from the thick.

                  All your honeys sound great, esp. the caramelized. The only honey I ever met that I hated was a thyme honey.But my all-time favorite, I like it so much I'll even spring to order it online (which mostly I won't) is Granja Rosemary Lavender Honey from Spain. The roasted pine nuts sounds like a good addition to try.

            2. re: BerkshireTsarina

              Hello, Tsarina, from Catmother (nearly a neighbor, in Troy, NY)! You mention the difficulty of finding lots of things in western Massachusetts. We have lived here for just over three years. In Syracuse, and up to a point in Baton Rouge, I could get anything. Well, one solution here -- over the river and into the many good places in Albany and environs to shop, but on a retirement income and with one car -- is joining a food-buying coop. You can look on this link:
              and email to find a club near you. (We belong to one based in Averill Park, about 15 minutes away.) Check it out! There are some really good prices, some prices that lead me to order from instead, some that the local food coop (Albany again, though we are getting one going in Troy) can beat, rarely. But the good ones are really a deal. Check it out! Perishables and frozen, grocery, bulk, health care and cleaning supplies, you name it. And Mountain High isn't shipped to the northeast, evidently, but Nancy's might do it for you, or Brown Cow West. Because of lots of allergies, including dairy, corn, soy, orange, tomato, egg yolk, etc etc, not to even mention drugs!, I have to be a careful shopper. The buying club proves invaluable in that since I can almost always view the ingredients on an item, on the website.
              Good luck, Tsarina!

              1. re: catmother

                Thanks, catmother, for the concern and info. I checked it out here, but think it is probably not my "solution". I work around it in a lot of ways. Can't buy tortillas? Learn to make 'em. Ditto with Chinese food --- although we have found a place we like a lot about an hour away, so sometimes we treat ourselves. Farmer's market here has two weeks still to go, then there's someone in the area who's establishing a service for organic and fresh produce all year that I'll give a try. Doing TONS more cooking than I ever used to, and enjoying it. BTW, I think there are several chowhounds over your way who post about Albany as well as the Berkshires. I like to think of us as Pioneers All!