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Sep 22, 2008 06:58 AM

Business Lunch in Etobicoke (Hwy 27 / Dixon)

What would be a good venue for a business lunch in this area? There are 6-8 of us, and we'd like to dine at a non-chain restaurant that has a nice ambience, but is not overly expensive. Any type of cuisine is welcome, but prefer Continental or European. Thank you!

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  1. team_eater. I read that you preferred Continental, however, you just so happened to be in the neighbourhood of a fantastic dim sum restaurant - Grand. Thought I would just put that suggestion out there. It has nice ambience, excellent service, and it is very quiet - good for conducting a business lunch. Whenever I have gone during a weekday, it is almost empty - so you will get excellent attention. I would recommend the dim sum, but they also offer set business lunches during the weekdays that are more for a 'Westernized' palette for about $12 a head.


    1. aside from regualr fast food, try Geinko(?) japanese resturant on airport strip east of
      hwy 27. relaxed atmosphere that can do traditional japanese benihahna sit int he round or aswell as sitdown