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Sep 22, 2008 06:47 AM

Where can I find Pumpkin Doughnuts in Orlando?

I have yet to find a traditional bakery in Orlando, any ideas where to find a decent pumpkin doughnut? I drove by Dunkin' Donuts and no pumpkin doughnuts, just muffins. Also, anyone know of any traditional bakeries in the Orlando area? Thanks!

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  1. I gotta think pumpkin doughnuts will start popping up in the weeks to come.
    As for traditional bakeries, many people like Charlie's on Curry Ford Road at Crystal Lake Drive, although I've always been disappointed.
    For artisanal breads there's Olde Hearth Bread Company, which recently moved to 207 Reece Way in Casselberry. (The black olive bread is the best.)
    For outstanding pastries, try Croissant Gourmet at 120 E. Morse Blvd., Winter Park. The pastries are made fresh by honest-to-god French bakers.


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    1. re: Scott Joseph

      Thanks for the recs, Scott:o) I will check those places out. I'm sure I'm checking too early, LOL! Come September and it's starting to get cooler out (for Orlando) and I go pumpkin crazy;o) I tried Publix today and no pumpkin donuts. BTW, nice Blog:o)

    2. Just when I thought I was the only one that gets really excited about the pumpkin doughnut....

      I believe that last year Krispy Kreme had pumpkin doughnuts, but I haven't been there lately, so I'm not sure if they do this year or not. It might have actually been their "flavor of the month" for October.

      In the meantime, I recommend or any of the cupcakes at Sweet! near Waterford Lakes. All made from scratch - they remind me of cupcakes we used to have when I was a kid (just like pumpkin doughnuts do).

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      1. re: jazzy77

        Hi Jazzy, Pumpkin anything gets me excited. I just LOVE Autumn:o) I will try Krispy Kreme. I've heard of Sweet! but have yet to make the hike over to Waterford Lakes. Don't know if you're interested but Baskin Robbins has Pumpkin Pie ice cream that is very good. I don't know if it's available yet though. Their Egg Nog ice cream is also yummy. Thanks for responding!

      2. Please keep us posted on these pumpkin doughnuts, I'm ready!

        Just picked up a bucket of pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese from Einstein Bros. Bagels. They are also offering a pumpkin muffin this year, which was really good. I had it with the icing and will be sure to stop in for another one before the "season" is over.

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        1. re: winechic

          I'll keep you posted. Those bagels sound yummy and the muffin! Panera has a good pumpkin muffie that they have year round.

        2. What a great thread! I love pumpkin, and a pumpkin donut sounds so good! I'll check Krispy Kreme when I'm at Millenia next time.

          As for Sweet, I went there and it was good but not amazing. IMO, Sprinkles still has the best cupcakes in the area. For a while I thought they only did pre-orders of at least 10-12 cupcakes, but just last week a friend gave me a little 2-cupcake pack from Sprinkles as a gift (God love her!).

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          1. re: starbucksbrew

            I'll have to try Sprinkles. Thanks. What a good friend! :o)

          2. I checked at the Krispy Kreme off of 17-92 in Winter Park on Friday and no pumpkin donuts...I even asked about them and the lady had no clue. However, KK's website states that they are available at "participating" stores beginning October 1st, so it's just a matter of finding one....

            Also, I haven't seen them at Publix either.

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            1. re: jazzy77

              Thanks for checking:o) The KK near Millenia isn't far from me, I'll check it out this week and report back.

              1. re: voyageurdemonde

                I just called the KK at Millenia, they said they are no longer making Pumpkin Spice, as in "discontinued flavor" : (

                1. re: winechic

                  Sorry, missed this post yesterday and I ended up going to KK this morning (I was running really early for work anyway). Yup, no pumpkin but I did get two hot doughnuts so it wasn't a wasted trip. Thanks for checking winechic:o)

                  This time of year is the only time I miss not living in Louisville or Tulsa. At least they had decent bakeries and fall weather. Not reason enough to move back though, LOL!

                  1. re: voyageurdemonde

                    Glad you got some hot doughnuts for your troubles! Like you, this is the only time I really miss living in the Balto/DC area. Crisp weather, pumpkin and apple goodness, gorgeous fall color. But then Nov 1 hits and the color is completely gone and it is absolutely dreary/cold/wet/gray up there for 5 months....and it's just glorious down here.

                    A friend knowing my penchant for all things pumpkin, surprised me at lunch with a 6 pack of pumpkin ale that I have not tried yet. Will have to hide from hubby so I get one. :)

                    BTW, to touch on part 2 of your original post...but no telling if there will be any pumpkin goodies. Here are some of the more popular Orlando area bakeries:


                    Bake me a cake

                    B&K Bakery

                    Clara's Cake's
                    4265 S US Highway 17/92
                    Casselberry, FL 32707
                    (407) 834-1224‎

                    Ballard & Corum
                    535 W New England Ave
                    Winter Park, FL 32789
                    (407) 539-1711

                    Croissant Gourmet
                    120 E Morse Blvd
                    Winter Park, FL 32789
                    (407) 622-7753

                    Sprinkles Custom Cakes
                    501 West Fairbanks Avenue
                    Winter Park, FL 32789
                    (407) 622-7202

                    Lacomka Russian Bakery
                    2050 Semoran Blvd # 140
                    Winter Park, FL 32792
                    (407) 677-1101‎

                    Ya Ya's Spanish Bakery & Deli
                    632 Hewett Dr
                    Orlando, FL 32807
                    (407) 275-7555

                    1. re: winechic

                      Thanks winechic!!! I have saved your list! Wow, I'm going to have to do some major taste testing at all of those places. ;o)

                      1. re: voyageurdemonde

                        Don't forget the Yalaha Bakery in Yalaha (a bit of a drive, but a nice one at that). Great breads and pastries - definitely worth the trip.