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Sep 22, 2008 06:44 AM

Dining Alone / Take-Out / Quebec City

I'll be in Quebec City in November for about 5 days alone. The thought of not enjoying some of the fine food is too much to bear, so I have 3 questions. - I'll be staying in old Quebec City.

1. Are there any upscale restaurants (or not upscale who have fab. food) that I would feel comfortable eating alone in?

2. I would be perfectly happy to get take out or delivery to my hotel and sit in my suite and eat as long as the food is really good - not pizza. Where I live, I can call almost any restaurant, fine dining included, and they are happy to box up a lovely dinner for me to take out.

3. I love sushi, and eat it once a week. Is there a great sushi place in Old Quebec that I could try?

Thanks very much for any help!

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  1. Your post made me smile as it made me think of someone WANTING to be dragged kicking and screaming to a fine restaurant. Why is there ANY concern about not being comfortable eating alone in an upscale restaurant? I have done it many, many times in a variety of restaurants, and have never been made to feel uncomfortable. Of course, there are some restaurants that seat lone diners at the bar, but I don't see that as a problem as I have frequently ended up talking to the next lone diner sitting next to me. I have eaten at Le St. Amour several times (though never alone), and have really enjoyed it every time.

    It would be a shame to be in Quebec City and do takeout, even if it is from a wonderful restaurant (I love the city). What if you want wine by the glass? On a very few occasions I have done takeout from restaurants at home that I know well, and the food has never tasted the same.

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      Oh, I understand it. I certainly wouldn't feel concern as in thinking people are pitying me , "her date stood her up"... but I'd find it rather a waste of money and effort. I know other people who love eating alone in high-end places if they have the $$$ and opportunity.

      My main reason for eating in would be extreme fatigue after a long and difficult day of work, and just wanting to "veg out" in comfy clothes.

      Sorry, I can't think of any good takeaway restos or caterers offhand, though I have certainly had good food from same on St-Jean and neighbouring streets (just outside the walls in St-Jean-Baptiste) and down the cliff in St-Roch (rue St-Joseph).

      You might enjoy a somewhat more relaxed place such as Café du Clocher penché - in St-Roch - just a short walk down the wrought-iron staircase - you can catch a taxi back up if you don't feel like the climb - not far, it won't cost a lot.

      I wish I knew some good sushi places in Québec - really don't. The only Asian places I've eaten at there were Vietnamese.

      1. re: lagatta

        Thanks very much for your help. I'm not so worried about eating alone, rather, I've found staff get annoyed seating a table for one. I have not eaten at a bar all that much, but like the idea. Do you have any recommendations of restaurants with a nice bar area to sit at? I would be happy to try them out.
        Thanks again.