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Sep 22, 2008 05:45 AM

Another clam question.

Is it safe to eat clams and mussels that were closed in the store, but have opened in the travel time between store and sautee pan (about 1 hour)?

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  1. If they open before cooking, give the open ones a tap on the counter to see if they close, this should happen in about 30 seconds. If they don't close chuck them.

    1. As cstr says, tap them to see if the close up again. As they are alive they continue to open and close. You want the clams to open a bit in order to purge the dirt/sand/muck...soak them for a while in several changes of cold salt water.

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      1. re: gourmanda

        Add a little flour to you water and it will help in this process

        1. re: Hue

          corn meal works even better as the grit slightly aggravates them to spit sand out

        2. re: gourmanda

          Well, shows how much I know. I had been just cleaning them and then steaming them and then straining the liquid through cheesecloth to make the sauce. Thanks